How To Start A Cooking Blog

If your passions involve food shows, inventing new recipes, and creating culinary masterpieces in the comfort of your own kitchen, then you have the possibility of becoming a superstar. People are looking for new recipes, new ideas, and new foods to try every day. One of the best ways to market your passion for cooking to these people is to start your own cooking blog.

If you want to know how to start a cooking blog, then the first thing you’ve got to do is come up with a brand name that is easy to remember. Your domain and brand will become your cooking identity. This is what will bring people to your blog and want to consume the valuable information that you are providing.

What Do You Do That Is Different?

What makes you different is what will make you popular in the world of cooking. You’ve got to be able to fit your passion for culinary goodness into a specific niche that people are going to want to find. Instead of just focusing on French cuisine, for example, you could focus on how to create the 5 different mother sauces that are the components of that cuisine and how to include them into different recipes. If you don’t stand out, then you won’t get visitors to your cooking blog. It’s really that simple.

Samples Are a Great Promotional Point

Visitors ultimately come to a cooking blog in order to get new ideas and samples that they can use at home. How can a blog provide a visitor with samples? Through the distribution of free recipes, cooking tips, or even product reviews for the kitchen. As long as everything you do on your cooking blog fits in with the brand that you’re attempting to establish on the internet today, you’ve got a variety of valuable “samples” that can be put into blog posts that visitors will find to be valuable. When more value is seen and shared, more visitors will come, slowly and surely.

It’s Not Just About the Written Word

It’s one thing to tell someone how they can make something amazing in their own kitchen. The value that you’re able to provide someone goes to a new level when you can actually show them what they’re supposed to do to have a successful experience. That’s why the inclusion of video content on your cooking blog will give you a better chance of success. By taking people through the steps that are needed to accomplish a task, you’ll be giving visitors a resource that they can use as a reference point for their own creations.

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Plan Your Content Out Before You Start

The issue that many blogs face is a lack of quality content for a prolonged period of time. Many blogs will start with a scripted amount of content that gets initially posted over the first few days or weeks, but then they struggle to post anything meaningful afterward. There’s nothing wrong with planning out your content or even writing it or creating it before you launch the blog. The further you can plan out your ideas, in fact, the better off you’re going to be in keeping your cooking blog vibrant and alive. Just don’t fall into the trap that so many others do – keep creating content as you’re posting your planned out content.

Think About the User Experience

The user experience that people have on your cooking blog is either going to make you or it will cause you to fail. People want to have a simple, easy experience on every website they encounter. Time is valuable and if someone has to waste 30 seconds to find a link to something they want, then they’re just going to leave. Make everything easy to access for your visitors, put everything where it can be easily found, and you’ll create a good UX.

Sometimes Simple Is Better

You’ve got to share your content over social networking platforms in order to grow your audience. How you do that will determine what kind of audience you’ll actually end up receiving. People don’t consume large amounts of data all at once today. They just skim the highlights of the information that they see on their feeds and then select the ones that are the most engaging. Think about how someone typically reads the newspaper. They skim the headlines to find interesting articles and then read only the ones they want. That’s what you’ve got to do on social media. Create a good headline, use attractive graphics, and you’ll get more clicks.

Build Your Own Cooking Network

The best way to start getting a good audience is to use the existing audience that someone else happens to have. You’re not trying to steal customers. You’re just trying to open up awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. You can do this by making relationships with other cooking blog owners so that a solid network gets put into place. By referring people back and forth, you’ll create better awareness of each brand and that will lead to a high level of mutual success.

Don’t Duplicate What Others Are Doing

If you are cooking what others are already cooking, then you’re doing it wrong. Even if it is unintended, if you duplicate what another cooking blog is doing, then you’ll be seen as a plagiarizer. Do your research first to make sure that what you plan to talk about is completely unique. If it is, then you’re ready to start creating content. If not, then think about how you could spin a more specific niche out of your passions so that you can carve out your own little corner of the internet.

Knowing how to start a cooking blog will help you find the success you want behind a passion that you’ve always had. Let your skills and knowledge shine by using these tips today and tomorrow you might just be the next be food star on the internet.

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