How To Start A Food Blog

Who doesn’t like to eat food? The topic of food is one of the places of common ground that all of humanity shares. The subject is so wide and varied that you can select from literally thousands of niches and be able to draw in a large, consistent audience. That’s the first step in knowing how to start a food blog as well – finding your niche. Focusing on food in general is difficult. Sharing your expertise in a specific niche makes building a site much easier.

Once you’ve selected your preferred niche, then consider some of these additional steps to make your new food blog that the internet will find to be amazing.

1. You are going to want to share your recipes. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes on the internet today, but your recipes are truly unique. Your cooking observations are one-of-a-kind. This means that you have something incredible to share, no matter what food niche you decide to focus upon. Share your recipes freely and encourage feedback about the results that people have achieved. Ask for pictures of outcomes even. This will provide you with a unique way to interact with your audience.

2. Cooking tips need to go beyond the basics. Most people who are visiting your blog will already know a little something about your food niche. Instead of giving them some basic instructions, like how to put flour into a cup and level it off, give them something that you’ve discovered has helped your cooking. Specific, advanced techniques that are truly unique will create a craving for your content that is virtually unmatched in the modern blogging world.

3. Consider turning on the video recorder. The only thing that is better than having a complete recipe to follow is to have a video which shows you completing a recipe in your own kitchen. You don’t have to be a YouTube superstar to create an impact in the bloggersphere by doing this. The videos don’t even need to be professionally produced. They just need to show people how you operate in the kitchen so that others can copy your methods. This also provides a second advantage for your food blog: it lets people get to know you a little bit better.

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4. Quality always matters over quantity. If you’re posting a dozen recipes every day, then you’re actually putting people into information overload. The average person just skims content today unless they’ve anticipated that the post they’re about to read is going to have some value in it for them. If you are putting up lots of content, then the average person will skim headlines and only click on items that seem attractive. The quality of your content always matters over the quantity because you’re wanting people to try these tips out at home. If they fail based on the instructions on your blog, then they’re not going to come back to read any more content.

5. Tell your story. Even if you’re not into recording yourself for a home-based “cooking show,” it is still important to make sure that you are regularly telling your story. Your story is what makes you unique and helps readers to relate to you. Don’t go into all of your private details, of course, but do talk about your background, your love for cooking, and the mistakes that you’ve made along the way. If you tried the strawberry banana chicken recipe from Iron Chef and it failed miserably, the experience shared will engage your audience and make them want to explore your site.

6. Be authentic in everything you do. Being authentic means putting your story into a recipe so that it can be seen on a plate. How you cook food matters, but so does how you present it. No matter what your niche may be, make sure that you show how authenticity can be shown on a plate so that people get the full artistic experience that cuisine can provide.

7. Go for the big show. Cooking competitions have become one of the hottest commodities for food-based programming. Not a day goes by in television land where you can’t find at least one cooking competition. If you really want to make your food blog stand out, then summon up the courage to apply for one of these competitions. As you’re doing this, document your journey on your blog. Show the pictures of your practice sessions. Encourage people to watch the competition. You don’t have to appear on national television to see success in this tip. A local chili cook-off can be just as meaningful.

8. Create a signature dish. Your signature dish should be something that you love to make, has refined flavors, and is something that is outside of the box. It doesn’t need to have a bunch of gourmet ingredients to stand out. Something as simple as flank steak with fingerling potatoes can be a signature dish for a rustic food blog. If you’ve gone into the critic niche of food, you can still create a signature “literary dish” that will make you stand out. Chefs crave Michelin stars, so think along that line and be creative.

9. Coordinate your efforts. The best way to show your niche expertise is to get guest blogging opportunities on other sites. Not every food blog is going to focus on your niche, which means you’ve got an amazing chance to promote yourself in a meaningful way. Take any opportunity you can that will give you an incoming link from another food blog. Create content that will be meaningful for that blog’s audience, not your own, and you may just find that your target demographics will begin to expand.

A food blog can be a lot of work, but it also inspires a lot of creativity. If you have a passion for creating incredible works of art in your kitchen, then you’ve got the chance to have a successful food blog. Follow these tips today and find your own success.

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