How To Start A Mommy Blog

New moms have it tough in today’s world. Working moms typically spend time away from their career when they have a child. Some women may decide to stop working to become a stay-at-home parent. Others struggle to juggle the responsibilities of motherhood and their career responsibilities. This is where an effective mommy blog can step in and provide some help.

If you want to know how to start a mommy blog, then the first thing you’ve got to do is tell your own story. Your expertise is what will be your calling card. It’s very difficult to relate to other mommies if you’re not one yourself. Share your experiences and the tidbits of knowledge that you’ve discovered in parenthood and you’ll be off to a good start.

1. It’s all about the experiences. One of the biggest struggles for new mothers is to find activities for them and their child to do together. Becoming a parent means adapting to changing life circumstances and social events that were once regularly attended are no longer an option. Infants and pool halls don’t mix, right? By sharing where mommy groups can come together and provide experiences for mother and child, you’ll eliminate some of the loneliness that comes with becoming a new mommy while showing them that there are new social opportunities to discover.

2. Let people know what it is really like to be a mommy. There’s a unique phenomenon that happens when a woman becomes pregnant. Strangers feel like they have an open invitation to touch the mother’s belly as they are talking to them. Phrases like “Boy, your baby looks like it has dropped,” become part of the common experience. Talk about these experiences as they have happened to you, how you adapted to them, or even funny experiences where the best way to describe the circumstances was an “Epic Fail.”

3. How do you apply effective discipline in the home? One of the areas that mommies really tend to struggle with as their children turn from dependent newborns to defiant two year-olds is discipline. The forms of discipline that were considered acceptable in previous generations aren’t always applicable in today’s societies. How is is it possible to get your kids to do their basic chores, like picking up a couple of stuffed animals, without it turning into a 1 hour screaming session from your toddler? Provide the ways you were able to overcome this difficulty and mommies will find it to be a meaningful start of a discussion.

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4. Start thinking outside of the box. If you look at the average mommy blog, you’re going to find three basic things: how to change a diaper properly, snacks that include celery, peanut butter, and raisins, and some basic advice that moms should take some extra time for themselves every day. As an extra bonus, you might find some posts about how ineffective husbands can be at being a parent. Go beyond these basics and put in ideas for real snacks or meals that moms use every day. How can you make mac and cheese if you don’t have butter or milk? Solve problems for moms instead of giving them stock answers and your blog will have value.

5. Even stay-at-home mothers have a career. One of the unfortunate facts of many mommy blogs is that they cater to either stay-at-home moms or career-minded moms. They don’t recognize the fact that career moms have moments where they stay-at-home or the fact that stay-at-home moms can develop a home-based career. The mom juggling a career and home life faces unique challenges, but so does the mom that stays at home full time. Neither mother is superior to the other, so keep the tone of your blog neutral and make it valuable for all moms instead of just one specific group of moms.

6. Do you have access to local play date groups? It isn’t the mothers who start to feel lonely. Kids tend to get a little lonely too, especially if they aren’t at the preschool age. If your blog can partner up with local groups that can bring households together for play dates or educational field trips, then you’ll be providing an amazing local resource that probably doesn’t exists. There’s MOPs groups [Mothers of Preschoolers] and some other get-together functions, but when push comes to shove, most communities don’t have many resources for the new mom that can be found online. Do the research, put those results up on your blog, and you’ll have plenty of visitors in no time at all.

7. Babysitters? There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens to moms today when multiple children are involved. For every child there is above 1, there is an equal reduction in the amount of available babysitters who are willing to come over to give moms a night off. Once you hit the magic number of 4 kids, it’s virtually impossible to find someone willing [or affordable... or trustworthy] to come over and watch the kids. If you have babysitting resources on your mommy blog that can meet these needs, then you’ll have local moms love you for forever.

8. Coordinate with local businesses for mommy opportunities. Because new moms have a hard time getting out and about, see if any local businesses in your area will support some “Mommy and Me” days. You could partner up with restaurants for a discounted mommy lunch. Maybe certain retail stores would provide discounts to local moms through your blog. Moms are often an overlooked resource in every community not because they aren’t seen as valuable, but because they are seen as inaccessible. Let your blog prove that mommies are accessible and you might be able to give yourself a successful slice of the internet.

Many mommy blogs have the same content. Some basic research will show you this first-hand. Share your experiences, think outside the box, and make local moms become a star. If you can achieve that, then you’ll know how to start a mommy blog that can be successful.

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