How To Start A Photography Blog

Photography is a skill that many people love and with the development of digital and DSLR technologies, professional-quality images are something that is within the reach of everyone today. If you have a passion for still images, have expertise in a specific niche, or even if you just want to share stunning travel images on a regular basis, then you’ll want to know how to start a photography blog.

This genre of blog is unique in the fact that you must prove your expertise in your first posts in order to gain a following. Posting personal photos that you think are great might appeal to family, friends, and a limited audience, but it won’t attract general readers. Why? Because people gravitate to the experts. They want to learn from the best. This is why Ansel Adams photos are studied still today when learning the specifics of what it takes to compose a great image.

Here are some other factors to consider with a new photography blog so that you can gain a following as quickly as possible.

1. Know who the star of your blog really happens to be.

The most common error made in the creation of a photography blog is to make the photographer the star of the show. If you make millions of dollars from modeling contracts and art sales, then you can be the star of your blog. Otherwise it is your images that need to take center stage because those images are what will set you apart. Add a bit about yourself in some version of an “About Me” page, but leave it at that.

2. Stories of adventure make for fun reading.

Part of the joy of being a photographer is that you get to tell stories. You need to hike through miles of mountain terrain or take shots of pets for hours on end to get the one perfect shot. Share your journey to get that one perfect shot through the images that you’ve taken along the way. Offer people a glimpse of the “not so good” shots that won’t make it into art galleries.

This type of post does more than just show people your specific knowledge about photography. It also helps readers relate to you because you’re not trying to hide behind a cover of perfection. Not every shot you take is going to be awesome. If you’re telling a story, then take people from start to finish and let every image, not just the perfect ones, do the talking for you.

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3. Don’t just stick to one medium.

The joy of photography today is that you’ve got access to a number of different tools, resources, and equipment that can enhance the overall visual experience of your blog. Color images, black and white images, and digitally altered images are pretty standard on most blogs today, but still include shots in these mediums because your vision is still unique.

There are some additional mediums, however, that aren’t always addressed. Here are some ideas for photograph posts that could make you stand out even more.

  • With image stabilization, you could take a series of photographs while someone drives you around at high speeds.
  • You could select a specific filter for your DSLR and then take images in different environments with it.
  • Consider taking timelapse photography, but in a location that isn’t your typical mountain summit or cloud-filled sky. Even recording every day life in this manner, like cooking in the kitchen, is a unique expression of art.

4. It’s not just about you.

The best part about running a photography blog is that you’ll get to meet other people who share your passions. Instead of making your blog just about you, consider adding guest posts to your blog for other photographers to share their images. This helps you because you’ll get a needed break from creating original content. It helps the other photographers because they’ll get incoming links from your blog. Everybody wins.

5. Get back to the basics.

Sometimes readers will encounter a photography blog and want to know how the still images were taken. By providing people with knowledge about how you obtained that cotton-candy like effect on a stream or the light to reflect on a water droplet of ocean spray, you’ll be giving them added value because you’re encouraging them to develop their own skills.

6. Your layout matters.

The traditional blog style of a home page with a roll of blog posts doesn’t really work with a photography blog. Visitors tend to click on posts that have images which are attractive to them. This means you’ll need to make the images become the highlight of any static page. Consider having a full page slider so that your images will be up close and personal to the visitor, but be sure to include links to any additional content that you’ve posted so that you don’t have a massive bounce rate.

7. Always come back to the purpose of your blog.

Why is it that you want to start a photography blog in the first place? Do you want to teach others the basics of manual photography? Are you looking to expand your personal brand and create more revenue potential? Whatever your purpose might be, make sure that every post on your blog comes back to it. This will give your blog’s message some consistency and help you achieve your goals more quickly.

8. Going offline is just as important as going online.

Although a photography blog isn’t about you, what you do offline is most definitely about you. If your visitors are attracted to your images, then they may want to get to know you in real life. That’s a good thing because personal relationships in the world of photography help lead to lucrative business arrangements. Consider adding photo tours, studio seminars, or even Photography 101 classes if you can swing it so that you can open up other avenues of exposure.

Whether you take photographs as a hobby or it has become your career, knowing how to start a photography blog will help you achieve more of the success that you want. Use these tips to get started and you’ll be able to speak thousands of words through every image you post.

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