How To Start A Political Blog

Whether people admit to it or not, a love of politics is something that everyone shares in some way. People who agree with a person’s personal politics provide validation for a specific believe. Those who disagree with a person’s politics will create conversation points that will inspire discussions that can sometimes get quite heated. Either way, if you know how to start a political blog, then you’re going to come out as a winner no matter which way the discussion goes.

It is always important to remember that politics can divide as easily as it can heal. The #1 thing you must remember is that passionate people tend to say the first thing that comes to mind without a filter attached to it. If there is hatred, name calling, or other forms of negative interaction directed to you, just remember that their words aren’t about you. It about them being passionate about what they believe.

1. Link History to the Present

Politics from the past are just as important as politics that happen today. If we don’t learn from history, then we’re doomed to repeat it, right? One of the best ways to engage people with a political blog is to link historical events to current politics to show how they are similar or different, depending on the overall goal you have in mind. The historical perspective shows your expertise in the political arena and it validates your opinions on current matters.

2. Stick to the Facts

The problem with modern politics is that it is as much a shell game as it is real life. Your political blog shouldn’t be participating in the shell games of misinformation. Always stick to the facts and let people decide for themselves what they should think or feel about a subject. Of course you can include your opinion, but don’t structure it as a pious, superior opinion. The purpose of a political blog should be to get people to think more logically and less emotionally.

3. Tackle the Big Subjects

In every election cycle, there are big topics that weigh heavily on the minds of voters. This is true for small town elections or for the 4 year cycle of Presidential elections. Always tackle the big subjects and offer information that no one else may have. With proven facts and original content, your blog will become a hit on both sides of the aisle because invariably there will be detractors who attempt to disprove you. Those detractors still log advertising impressions.

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4. Show the Love

Running a political blog is more about obtaining respect than it is obtaining a follower count. Respect is earned when you can take the positives out of any debate, even ones that are polar opposites from yours. The effort of finding the good stuff might make some readers with more extreme views to question your motives, but the efforts at finding common ground will always pay off by appealing to a majority of your readers.

5. Get an Exclusive

Political opinions are fine, but getting a personal perspective from a politician is better. Getting a politician to answer interview questions for your blog is easier on a local level than it is at a regional or national level, but getting a Senator or President to answer a few questions for you isn’t 100% impossible. Put together an email that has a few questions which are easy to answer and you may just be surprised by what you find in your email one morning.

6. Talk With the People

Politics is one part personal opinion, one part perceived fact, and one part group opinion. People want to know what others think and feel about modern politics. This helps them deepen their own opinions on any given subject, can help them form new opinions, or it just makes them feel smug and superior because everyone else “doesn’t have a clue.” If you can get the opinions of others recorded and then posted, all of these reader demographics will tune in because you’re meeting their specific needs.

7. Multimedia Matters

Today’s politics are more about the visual medium than the written medium. You can often get more of a message across in one sentence if you use memes or graphics than if you write 3 1500 word posts every day. This is because people like to skim posts more than read posts. If you have an attractive image, then people will read the words on that image. If your point is precise and engaging, then you might just be rewarded with a click or two.

8. Make It Easy

A political blog’s posts need to be as easy to share as possible. Whether someone agrees or disagrees with you, there’s a good chance that a share button will let them post your blog on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed with their own opinion attached. Positive or negative, this is a good way to get your blog to go viral and that means lots of ongoing exposure for you.

9. Make It Easy Part II

A political blog needs to be easy to read with information that is highly consumable. If you have a color scheme that makes it difficult for people to read the fonts that have been used, then your content won’t be examined. If you’re using huge words from the back of a National Spelling Bee word list, then people won’t know what you’re talking about. Get straight to the point, use quick topic hits that are 3-4 sentences in length, and you’ll be able to make a better overall impression.

10. SEO Comes From Value

Don’t focus on incoming links or specific keywords with your blog. The keywords will come naturally with your content and the back links will develop on their own over time. If you focus on high value content, then people will link to it and you’ll get search engine results.

Knowing how to start a political blog can help you throw your hat into whatever political arena attracts you the most. Use these tips to get started and you’ll be able to create an amazing political blog.

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