How To Start A Travel Blog

Travel is something that everyone loves to do. The only problem is that not everyone can afford to travel to the world’s most exciting and exotic locations. When cash is tight and a vacation is needed, a brief respite from the storms of life in the form of an amazing travel blog can turn someone’s entire day around.

The first thing that must be considered with a travel blog is imagery, even above content. People are attracted to specific world locations because of the visual components that are offered. If you have traveled the locations you want to blog about, then you’ve got original images that will make an impact for your blog. If you are creating content around images that already exist, then make sure you can secure the rights to publish those images.

Have a Unique Format

Just about every travel blog is formatted in the same way. There are some picture galleries, a couple of interviews, and information about places to see that look like they were a solicited advertisement from the local Chamber of Commerce. Many blogs talk about format as being the sidebars or layout of the text, but in a travel blog, your format is the niche you are going to discuss. There are plenty of travel blogs out there. Your travel blog must be different to stand out.

Talk to Communities

There are tens of thousands of communities who would love the chance to shine on the internet. If you contact a community about doing a profile about them with your travel blog, there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to supply you with some unique content and original pictures to post. This will give everyone the chance to better promote themselves.

Get a Unique Name

Your name is what will make people remember your travel blog. Think of something that is catchy, yet still effectively communicates to people what your blog is about. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Cubicle Emancipation
  • Travel Is Where the Heart Is
  • Toes in the Ocean
  • The Best Things I’ve Ever Seen

Write Your Content to Match

Formulate your posts around the personality of your blog’s name. For someone trying to escape the office, discuss how travel can be accomplished with just a few limited resources. For those looking to hit the beaches, talk about what local beaches are the best, what to bring to enjoy them, and what resources are available in the local community. If you can make every post be an all-encompassing vacation plan for someone, then you’ll gather a lot of interest for your blog over time.

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Travel Tips Are Overdone

People still love to see travel tips, but those posts about the “9 Best Things to Eat in Pittsburgh” are getting overdone. Make your content stand out by reaching out to the average person. Talk to people in each community to get their suggestions for their favorite things to do. Don’t rely on travel sites like TripAdvisor or review sites like Yelp to generate your lists and content. Go to the source and your authentic content will win you a lot of praise.

Formulate Partnerships

Writing about locations around the world is a good thing, but experiencing those locations are a better thing. There is money in many marketing budgets to bring in travel writers to experience a community for a day or two. It’s up to you to start networking to formulate relationships that will help you take advantage of this fact. You’ll likely need to build up some regular traffic and followers to be invited to most events, so don’t expect immediate success on this point.

Traffic Builds Up Through Value

You can structure your content to be SEO friendly, but real traffic comes from value. People don’t want to read content that is filled with tons of links and keywords. They want content that they can print out to help them with their next traveling experience. Consider using pillar content to form the foundation of your site by offering people valuable content that won’t ever expire. Here are some ideas to get that pillar content mojo flowing.

  • I Went to Niagara Falls and This Amazing Thing Happened…
  • You Won’t Believe This View From Yellowstone
  • 10 Things to Bring on Your Trip to Yosemite National Park
  • The Best Tips to Take Stunning Photographs During Your Next Trip

Think About What Corresponds With Travel

When people travel to somewhere new, there are two basic things they need: a place to stay and a place to eat. Some folks like to rough it and pick up groceries at the local store so they aren’t spending hundreds of dollars on meals each day, but everyone needs a place to stay. Offering reviews of campgrounds, hotels, and their amenities can give people real travel advice that they need and this will give your blog a lot of extra value.

Put Yourself on a Schedule

Travel blogs have a unique advantage in the fact that they don’t have to post regularly to be valuable. People aren’t going to expect daily posts from a travel blog. They are going to expect that every post you provide should have some sense of perceived value to it, even if the average reader isn’t going to travel somewhere like Bend, Oregon to see the lava fields. Take your time, refine your posts, and you’ll find that people will eagerly anticipate what you’ve got to offer.

Secure Your URL

If your URL isn’t similar to your blog’s name, then you are going to find yourself confusing people. Confused people are readers who will eventually decide that you’re not worth their time or effort. Once you think up a name and have a plan of action for your content, then secure your URL. Make tweaks to your name and content plan as necessary based on what your actual domain happens to be and then get to publishing content.

Knowing how to start a travel blog is pretty straightforward, but it requires consistency that other blog types don’t necessarily require. Get started on your adventures today, track your journey, and people will want to come along for the ride.

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