How to Use WordPress Jetpack

Jetpack for WordPress was developed by Automattic and over the past few years they have added some great features to Jetpack that make it essential to manage your WordPress websites. It comes with lots of modules that help you customize your site faster than ever without a lot of different plugins. Jetpack is also easy to install, setup and use. Next to each of the module there is a learn more button so you can easily decide if you want to use that particular module at all. Most of the modules are already activated once you install the plugin from the “Plugins” menu option in your dashboard. Just click on add a new plug in and Jetpack is already there waiting to be installed. Here we will go over a few of these great modules and how to use WordPress Jetpack to enhance your websites and blogs.

The Modules

Manage is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. If you have more than one WordPress site you can use manage to basically link them all together and ‘manage’ them from one location. You will be able to update plugins as well as add new post and pages from one location.

Carousel is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Carousel turns your images into a beautiful full screen browsing experience. Any image embedded in a post or page will come to life with this module.

Photon is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Photon helps reduce the amount of bandwidth used when loading images. This is important if your hosting does not come with unlimited bandwidth. Your images are cached on their super-fast network so that when people access your website they don’t have to wait forever for your images to load.

Related Posts
Related Posts is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Related Posts helps link your visitors to other content on your website that is similar to the content they came to your site looking for. The link to the secondary content will display under the sharing buttons and likes button if you have these activated.

Jetpack Single Sign On
Jetpack Single Sign On is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Jetpack Single Sign On allows users that already have credentials to use them when logging into your website.

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Sharing is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Sharing allows your website visitors to easily share your content on social media. You users are able to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Path, Google+, and other popular sharing sites as well as easily email or print your content. You can also add a new service and configure the way the buttons are displayed.

The Subscriptions module is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Subscriptions add and an easy to use widget to your WordPress site that allows users to get your content via email. Users can also subscribe to receive post comments.

Gravatar Hovercards
Gravatar Hovercards is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. Gravatar Hovercards allow each user to enter their personal information including their bio, picture, contact information, and other services.

Contact Form
Contact form is another Jetpack Module that is a part of the Jumpstart activation. If you run a ecommerce site or if you want to interact with your website visitors you need some type of form or way they can connect with your easily. A contact form is the most logical way users can tell you what they need. The content form can be easily customized to fit your needs as well.

Mobile Theme
Most people access web content on their smart devices in today’s society. A lot of people do not own computers now that smartphones and tablets are so accessible. You want to provide mobile users with an optimal visiting experience. Mobile theme by Jetpack takes your existing content including the images and creates a custom look to fit the mobile device that’s accessing your content. Whether the user is on an iOs, Android, or Windows device they will automatically get to your mobile them and have the option to view your full site if they want to.

Beautiful Math
Does your website need to teach or show mathematical equations? With Beautiful math you don’t have to try and figure out how you are going to create the symbols and layout needed to make a traditional looking equation on your website.

Custom CSS
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and basically it is the reason your website looks the way it does. From your navigation bar to the basic layout of each page, the websites CSS is responsible for this look. If you are familiar with programming language or if you have someone to write some for you, custom css enables you to easily make changes to your websites style sheet.

Custom Content Types
Before Custom Content Type you could only add either a page or a post to your WordPress website. Now you are able to add Portfolios and Testimonials as well. Previously you could only do this by writing ‘code.’ Hopefully these two are only a stepping stone to other types of content that Jetpack will add to this module in the future. Stats
There are a number of plugins that allow you to manage your website statistics. Sometimes the data that those plugins provide is hard to read and understand. This stats plugin easily tallies your daily visitors, top post and pages, what search engine terms users are using, click through rates, and much more. The stats are displayed in a easily to read format without jumbling a bunch of data together so that it’s easy to understand.

Protect goes out and monitors everyone’s WordPress site in an effort to gather malicious IP’s and keep them from logging into your site. It tracks their failed attempts and if they keep trying to log in and failing then they cannot log into anyone’s WordPress site that has Jetpack installed.

Publicize allow you to easily share your content once you have published it. You can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Linkedin, and other sharing sites.

Monitor checks your website every 5 minutes to make sure that it is up and running. The worse thing your visitors can experience is a website that is offline when they want to access your content. With Jetpack’s monitor you will get an email in the event that your website it down so that you can get working on the issue as soon as possible.

These are only a few of the features that Jetpack for WordPress offers. You can easily pick and choose which of these features are best for your site. Jetpack eliminates the need for over 20 plugins by activating the different modules and saving space that may not be available from your hosting plan.

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