How to Write a Blog Introduction

In order to get the interest of your readers, it is important to have a strong hook in the introduction. It should be linked to what you are writing about, so that the reader does not feel like they have been duped once they continue.

The introduction is a first impression that can make your readers want to continue on your blog. The first impression is usually supposed to be the best impression. If your introduction is not effective, then the reader will not read further. After the headline, the other thing that attracts visitors to become readers in your blog is an effective introduction.

Find A Relevant Introduction

A relevant introduction is designed to capture the reader’s attention. The title should be your bait and the introduction is your hook. Whether you choose to begin with a serious quote or humor a good introduction will intrigue your reader, or even challenge them, and then draw them into finding out where your opening leads.

Therefore, start with an unusual or curious introduction that is connected to the post.

2. Set the Scene

Your introduction should set the scene for your reader to know what the post will be about. By setting the scene, you will define the reader’s expectations so that they assess whether the time they will invest in reading your post will be well worth it.

In the introduction you as the writer can go on to say where the information comes from, what your own position is and which arguments you will tackle in the rest of the piece. Give the reader the gist and be sure not to give it all away in the first few sentences.

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All writing in the introduction should serve a specific purpose. It should offer a fact, make the reader laugh, provide an opinion, ask a question, make a challenge or explain something. Remember that no reader will want to go through opinions of your mind if they are not going to lead somewhere. Your aim should be to convince the reader that you have a good story.

3. Ask An Emotional Question

Your reader will stick around if you ask an emotional question because people usually respond to their emotional needs much more than their physical needs.

4. Use the Strongest Benefit of Your Idea

Before you write a blog post, you must have an idea that you want to pass across, then break down the idea and select the idea with the strongest benefit. This benefit should be put in the introduction and use it to dazzle your readers.

5. Use An Effective Image in the Introduction

Because image usually speaks louder than text, using an image helps to signify the purpose of the entire blog post.

6. Make it Clear

You need to always read your blog introduction in the perspective of the reader, since every reader that comes to your blog is expecting something because they are searching for something. Your introduction should make it clear to the reader what the blog post is going to deal with.

7. Share Common Views

Once you determine the common views that are there between you and your regular readers, you can share them in the introduction. This creates a bond between your readers and you. This is because the best way to connect with your readers is to think like they think. You can do this by using an idea that you and your readers know, like and want to read.

8. Keep it Conversational

Instead of merely writing an introduction make sure you talk to the readers. You should make your text come alive and therefore poke your reader’s mind. You can do this by starting with an amazing fact.

9. Start With a Quote

A single quote is equivalent to a paragraph of content and it is able to deliver the message effectively to your blog readers in only one line.

Readers tend to believe great quotes that have come from great people. These quotes keep the readers intact with your blog. By using people’s quotes, you allow someone else who is famous and inspirational to do the talking. Apart from quotes setting the tone for your post they also captivate the reader because they can evoke emotion, offer a personal touch as well as inspire the reader. Choose a quote that flows with your blog post and adds value.

10. Start With Statistics and Facts

Statistics are a great way to capture the attention of your audience. This is because people love facts, numbers and statistics to do with their interests or industry. Details usually increase the value of your introduction as well as boost your credibility. Try to use exact numbers where possible because readers trust numbers.

11. Ask a Question

Questions have a natural way to spark a reader’s curiosity, therefore having questions relevant to your blog topic is the key to getting readers or visitors to read your post. An unanswered question feels incomplete. Because questions intensify the reader’s curiosity, ask questions that your reader cannot answer without more information.

12. Try to be Controversial

Depending on your content ,you can try being controversial . This will test your reader’s beliefs and can also be a way of grabbing their attention as well as keeping it. To use controversy, you can try starting your blog introduction with a controversial statement or idea, this will leave the reader wondering where you are going with it. You can then use the body of your text so that you can build it to your defense or against it.

13. Use Humor

Humor is a fantastic way to break the ice between you and your readers. It is sure to grab their attention and they will most likely read on.

14. Start the Introduction with an Interesting Fact

Start with an interesting fact and avoid facts that are overused and always repeated, also avoid facts that are very common in your niche.

15. Use a Personal Story

A personal story is a great way that you can use to draw your readers into a post. However, this story should focus on the key issue of your post.

Finally, a good blog introduction leads to comments, subscription as well as sales. It is estimated that eight out of ten people will read the entire content when they find that the introduction is interesting and well written.

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