How to Write a Blog Post for a Businss

A Blueprint to the Perfect Blog Post

A Blueprint For The Perfect Blog Post

Posting on a blog is much like creating a short article like a journalist. The same things that capture people’s attention and keep them coming back for more from a journalist are the same things that keep people coming back to a blog. People coming back to your blog means you just might make more money.


Preparing the perfect blog post takes preparation and is journalism.

Like any writer for internet consumption, you need to consider keywords for search engine optimization, page layout and construction, and means of interacting with your readers and attracting other readers.


Content is king. Great content means you get more readers.

Keywords are important in your choice of blog post title, the first paragraph of your post, any lists you may have in your post, any photos or videos that accompany your post, and in the conclusion of your post.

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Search engines look at titles and the first 50 or so words of a blog post. To get to the top of the search page you need your main keyword in the title and in the first few sentences of your post. A subtitle is often a good way to get keyword recognition working for you. A title should be short, catchy, and contain your main keyword.

You need to prepare a short list of keywords for your topic. Select one main keyword and two to three secondary keywords that support or emphasize your main keyword. Use the main keyword at least three times in your post but not more than seven. Use the secondary keywords in natural ways that flow with what you are writing about.


Pictures and video attract readers. The description of any photo or video you include in your blog post should contain the main keyword you selected. It is important professionally and legally to credit the original author of the video or photo. This credit is called attribution.

State you position concisely and directly. People who read blog posts spend less than a minute with each post so your topic (headline) and the first few sentences make the difference in keeping a person reading. Use lists or bullet points that contain your keywords as often is possible and sensible because lists maintain interest and are easy to understand.

A concluding paragraph that sums up your ideas is a must. This paragraph should contain the main keyword and be a synopsis of what your post says.

The idea of good posts is: Tell me one (in the title and first paragraph); Tell me twice (in the body and lists); and Tell me three times (in the last or summation paragraph) so I know it is true. It may sound trite but it works when keywords are in each of the sections.