How to Write Blog Post for Social Media Sharing

Creating Social Content

How To Create Good Social Media Content

Social media marketing is increasingly the most important online marketing method for many businesses online and offline. However, this marketing will serve its purpose only when the if good social marketing media content is created. The content should have a great angle – be informative, entertaining and different from other social media content.

The uniqueness of the brand in the content reflects the brand personality to provoke users to think about the brand. It should highlight a friendly brand, which consumers will trust . The content should help educate visitors and potential buyers by simplifying things which are complex. The extra information provided by the brand highlights the brand expertise in a particular area.

The useful content for the visitor to the website could be in the form of a tip, which may solve a common problem of content users. The evolution of the brand being marketed over a period of time, could be an integral part of the content. Alternatively the content may discuss an event or story from a fresh perspective.

The interesting content should the provoke the user to take a decision which may have been postponed for a very long time , for example to finalize a purchase. Alternately, the content may be used to convey trends for example changes in consumer spending patterns, popularity of certain products.

Content obtained from surveys and market research can be used to get fresh insights into consumer behavior, which are useful for decision making. The reader will be surprised by the depth of the information included. The content should be humorous, to bring a smile to the lips of the website visitor.

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The design should be visually attractive – incorporating great graphics design and choosing the right images, under the direction of an experienced creative director. The product or service should be relevant, and packaged taking into account the brand identity. Some of the quality metrics for the brand are whether it is likeable, shareable and keeps the user engaged.

Designed to be convenient for viewing, the content will be easily accessible from all platforms which may be as diverse as laptops or mobiles , to reach the largest audience possible. The use of any particular media type should not be a constraint for social media content use.

Mistakes to Avoid

1. irrelevant content – use of cute animals , deep quotes, while are not related, just to beautify the content.
2. poor imagery/writing – poor quality images downloaded from the internet or poorly written content with errors.
3. over emphasis on sales – the content does not explain how the product or service benefits the buyers, but repeatedly urges the buyer to purchase the product.