If Your Blog Were a Beer What Would it Be

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Blogs And Beer What Could Be Better Than That

Blogs and beer what could they really have in common right? Like Beer there are many blogs. There is one hundred seventy five million blogs on Tumblr and WordPress alone. There are also many different types of beer, twenty thousand to be exact. Oddly enough beer and blogs are consumed at about the same rate. On average Americans consume 4.2 drinks and 4.1 blogs per week. So can your blog be a beer and if so what kind would it be.

How Your Blog Would Be Packaged

Let’s start with imagining your blog in a bottle, glass or can depending on how you classify it. Maybe your blog is just like the typical beer. Yes it does the job but anyone could have done it just the same. And yes it taste good but it just taste typical with some slight variations, Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra, you get the picture. The best thing to do is make your blog stand out. Make your own creation that blows the big names away. Make it completely yours. Take the typical recipe throw it out the window and start mixing your own.

Maybe your blog has a little twist to it. Like beers add things like lime, strawberry, tomato juice, yours has a bit of a twist. You throw in some pictures, links, interviews, etc. to spice things up a bit. Your blog satisfies the brain but also makes it think at the same time.

Beer Comparison

The Ale blogs or the passionate blogs. They tell it like it is be that bad or good you know where they stand. Like Ales they are full of flavor some bad some good but in the end it moved the reader, was full of passion, and is all natural.

Then there is the stout beers. Full of flavor and content that was deliberate. They pull no punches, tell it like it is, and give you all the information one could need. Usually they are well researched and/or tell them how to do whatever it is you are blogging about.

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Last but not least is the Keg blog, the nice cold draft. Very good blog it is but a huge blog full of the same stuff will do nothing but bore your readers. Variety is always a good thing so do not forget to pull a switch up every once in awhile.

So make sure your blog bar is fully stocked with a variety of some nice frothy options. Make sure it is always flowing for a nice abundance of customers. As long as it is flowing and the customers are happy you will be sure to have repeat customers to up that subscriber number and keep your regulars happy. Don’t drink and blog.