Inbound Marketing Plan for Blogs

Guide to Inbound Marketing

The CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process through which customers are able to access the company even before buying from it. This occurs through content marketing and search presence. Inbound marketing creates awareness about the brand preference leading to conversion of leads to revenue.

Traditional Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is different from traditional marketing in different ways. While in traditional marketing it is the marketer who concentrates with finding the leads, with inbound marketing, the marketers usually makes it easy for the leads to find you. In the traditional marketing, the marketer targets an existing audience, this is done through use of trade shows, placing of ads and sometimes sending emails to third parties while in inbound marketing, the marketer is able to create a new audience by attracting their attention. This is achieved through creating relevant and compelling content. Inbound marketing is all about applying more brains than money in order to drive the revenue high. This is achieved with minimum financial risk.

Resources for a CMO

Pick a theme which interests you and the theme should be centered on the customer interests. You should then produce at least a single content which is in line with the theme. This can be achieved by using webinars, surveys or videos. One should also create two to three pieces of content every week around the theme. This can be achieved through the use of info graphics, webinars, presentations and podcasts and so on.

You can also spend more time posting in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This plays a great role in enabling one to reach, interact and communicate with potential buyers and spread information about new information. Invest more time on analyzing the results.

While in the house, your staff members can finish up some of these tasks. It also makes sense to hire an inbound marketing manager and a content marketing manager to facilitate the process. These individuals would be responsible for developing the strategy, managing the created content, owing and editing the company blog, engaging with major stakeholders and managing the online conversion and SEO efforts.

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Although inbound marketing is powerful, several limitations do exist. These limitations include the difficulty in targeting specific audiences. This is achieved through the use of outbound techniques.

Inbound marketing also fails to drive people to action. It waits until buyers act and are ready. Inbound marketing also requires some levels of automation. This is due to the fact that new content is created each and every week. This makes automation of the process a challenge although one can automate blog calendars and analytic reports in order to have an overview of how the campaigns are performing.