Inbound Marketing Strategy for Startups

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Anatomy Of The Future Of Inbound Marketing Strategies

What exactly is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is simply based upon the concept of gaining the attention of prospective customers. This makes yourself easier to be found and draws consumers to your website by producing and creating content that customers value.

The anatomy of inbound marketing consists of five sections, in order, when it comes to an inbound marketing strategy. These five steps are as follows:

Earned and owned media or content marketing, landing pages or CRO, lead nurturing or marketing automation, sales interaction or CRM and retention or re-marketing. Follow these five ordered steps and you should never have a problem with your inbound marketing strategies.

There is an inbound marketing funnel of sorts that you should understand. With earned and owned media, we have web pages, blog posts and press releases. There are social and search aspects that include shared, liked, ReTweets, SERP clicks and links.

These things can educate prospects, generate traffic, produce thought leadership, reduce churn and grow your brand. Outbound marketing is another aspect. This includes SEM, PPC, radio, TV, call centers, signage, advertising and direct mail.

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With landing pages and CTA’s, we are mainly talking about macro conversions such as form completion. Here we are talking about MOFU content, TOFU content and BOFU content. TOFU content includes ebooks, guides, free white papers, checklists and videos. MOFU content includes case studies, webinars, catalogs, free samples, spec sheets, FAQ sheets and brochures.

BOFU content includes demos, assessments, free trials, estimates, consultations and coupons. All of these things garner interaction with prospects. Sales interaction with your prospective customers is what you want, in addition to retention.

The components of this inbound funnel are also ordered. TOFU content is on top because it generates leads. MOFU content is in the middle because it generates prospects and BOFU content is at the bottom because it qualifies leads and generates sales.

Content marketing is important. Content marketing is basically fuel that can drive successful social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization and in the end, demand generation.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization maximizes click throughs on calls to action and conversions on different landing pages. It is vital for successful inbound marketing.

Marketing automation is also very important. There are solutions through software such as Marketo, Aprimo, Unica, HubSpot and Eloqua that can allow marketers to deliver the correct content on the appropriate channel at the best time. This will maximize profitable customer behavior.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is another important aspect. With it, you can connect different marketing automation tools with a CRM. This will help to close that gap between Sales and Marketing whilst facilitating open communication. The most popular CRM solutions are programs such as Oncontact, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Sage ACT! and Prophet.

The things discussed in this article focus on the anatomy of the future of inbound marketing strategies. They can be very effective.