Modx vs WordPress

Creating a website is one of the best things that you can do to promote your business. You have choices and it’s a good idea to learn about Modx versus WordPress to determine which one is going to be best. They are both content management platforms, but you want the flexibility to provide the best possible experience for those who visit your website.


WordPress is known for having a lot of themes. The moment you sign up, you have access to hundreds of free templates and plenty more that can be purchased for a relatively small amount of money. Everywhere you look online, you can find someone who is offering a template for WordPress, so it’s easy to find what you want.

ModX doesn’t have the same number of templates. It’s built for the purposes of customization, so you’re either going to have to design the look you want on your own or pay someone to do it for you, which can be expensive. The flipside is that you will get exactly what you want as opposed to making due with a theme that is already up and ready.


The developing nature within ModX and WordPress are very different. WordPress is designed for people who don’t have a lot of programming experience. There are many tutorials that will guide you through what needs to be done. In many instances, you can get what you need done within WordPress just by choosing a new theme or downloading a widget or plug-in.

ModX is complex and designers have to know what they are doing in order to manage their way through all of the features. ModX is built to be customized and is completely scalable, allowing you to have a small or large website with all the functionality you desire.

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There are a lot of customizations in both ModX and WordPress. WordPress is known for having all sorts of different plug-ins and this is really how you customize a site with them. There are a lot of widgets and plug-ins to download from third parties to help with everything from e-commerce to social media to newsletter sign-ups.

ModX doesn’t have as many of the widgets and plug-ins, but they have made customization easier in terms of going in as a programmer. It’s easier to go in and make the changes for a website as well as a blog, whereas WordPress has a lot of restrictions inside the framework that can make it not only challenging but time consuming to incorporate customizations.


You can run an e-commerce site off of ModX as well as WordPress. WordPress is not the ideal platform for e-commerce simply because it’s not what it was originally intended to do. You would need to obtain third party plug-ins for the e-commerce aspect and that means you will need to have multiple ones for each feature you want to add, such as a shopping cart, payment options, shipping options, and more. You won’t have all of the management and logistics that you would with some of the other platforms that are out there.

ModX can handle e-commerce, though there aren’t a lot of third party plug-ins. You will have to do a lot of programming to get the site to where you want it to be, but it can be done. It’s not something that you can do as a beginner, so if that’s where you’re at, you will need to spend the money to hire a designer.


Security needs to be a top focus when looking at a website in today’s day and age due to the amount of hacks that can take place. WordPress sites are more vulnerable than sites that are built with ModX and the main reason is that ModX built their content management platform with security in mind. They have aggressive filtering and can prevent corruption of SWL injections. Code is never exposed and this ensure that hackers are not able to get inside of a website.


WordPress is ideal for the person who wants total control of their website and who wants it mainly for presenting information and blogging. For people who want to have more customizations and more security, ModX can be the better solution.

It’s important to understand that WordPress began as a way of blogging and therefore all of their websites will often look like blogs. It’s why there are many magazines and news organizations that use them. They offer a lot of benefits to the blogger, but for companies who need a page, app, or website, ModX can provide more flexibility and customization, plus it has more security.

WordPress Pros

1. Ready out of box.
2. Easy to install themes.
3. Lots of third party plugins.
4. Support from WordPress is easy to obtain.

ModX Pros

1. Built for customization.
2. Strong level of security.
3. Easy to scale.

In the end, you have to look at what you want for your website and what features are the most important to you. ModX and WordPress are both great content management systems, but one is going to be the better choice for what you will be doing. Take a look at both of them, read through the features, and determine how involved you want to be with the development and what your programming skills are to see how much help you need from outside sources.

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