Most Pinned Words for Fashion, Automotive and Electronics

Most Pinned Categories on Pinterest

Content Engagement Trends For Different Industries At Pinterest

A Pin at Pinterest involves posting an image or video on the website so that it can be accessed by others, who may repin it if they are also interested in it. A board is a place to organize all the pins by topic, so that they can be accessed easily at a later date. A board may be secret or public , and a user may invite others to pin on the same board.

Analyze the Activity on Pinterest

A study was carried out to analyze the activity on Pinterest in three popular sectors – Fashion/retail, automotive and electronics, to find out the main factors behind user engagement – community or brands. An analysis was carried out on 10 million pins, repins, comments, likes, keywords for over 120 brands to find the top 10 keywords in each sector on Pinterest, the number of repins /pins by community and brand. The optimal pinning day and optimal pinning time for each sector are also indicated.

Perform Content Management

Content engagement which compares Brand and Community driven activity was determined by the amount of pins which were initiated from the brand owned Pinterest account vs the amount of pins initiated by users (i.e the community) directly from the brands website , excluding the brand owned Pinterest account.

Fashion and Retail

For fashion/retail, dress, women’s, top, leather, lace, pink, print, dresses, shoe, love are some of the top unbranded keywords. Most of pins and repins were initiated by brands 46 vs. 6 by the community, indicating fashion brands consider Pinterest to be an important part of their online marketing strategy. Friday afternoon, just before the start of the weekend was the optimal time for the pins.

Automotive Sector

In the automotive sector, new , car, sedan, vehicle, convertible, concept, edition, coupe, build, interior were the top unbranded keywords. Only 3 pins were initiated by brands vs. 10 pins by the community. Again Friday noon was the optimal time for the pins.

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Popular Keywords

Store, sleep, wireless, how, use, activity, tracks, love, best, better were the most popular keywords for electronics. Similar to the automotive sector, 5 pins were initiated by brands vs. 14 pins by the community. 10 am on Monday was found to be the optimal time for the pins, indicating most electronics users check their Pinterest account in office at the beginning of the week.

Fashion items like clothes, shoes, jewelry are selected by users based on their design, color, so the photos and images posted on Pinterest can influence buyer decisions. Major fashion brands are aware of this and spend a significant amount of time promoting their brands on this marketing channel. On the other hand, for purchase of cars and electronics, specifications are most important, design is often secondary, so brands in these sectors are not very active on Pinterest.