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What If Your WordPress Blog Gets Hacked

WordPress is the most popular and most used blogging platform on the internet. As at March 2012, over 74.2 million websites are hosted on the WordPress blogging platform, which is far more than that of any other blogging platform on the cyberspace. Websites and blogs on the WordPress platform contribute about half a million new posts to the internet on a daily basis, quite an enormous figure.

It is not fun when your WordPress blog gets hacked; it can cause you a lot of stress, time, and money to get your blog up and running again. Interestingly, WordPress blogs seem to be attracting the attention of hackers just like bees to honeys. Millions of WordPress blogs have experiencing lots of attacks from hackers in recent times. These hackers have been targeting blogs and websites with default admin login names.

Since the WordPress platform is simple to understand and very easy to use, many bloggers do not take the security of their blogs seriously. The nonchalant attitudes of bloggers towards the security of their blogs create a lot of loopholes that hackers exploit to attack their blogs.

How Do WordPress Blogs Get Hacked?

According to a recent study on the causes of WordPress blogs hacking attacks, 41% of hacking attacks experienced by WordPress blogs are caused by malware on hosting sites and PC and 8% of such attacks result from weak passwords. The study also reveals that themes and plugins contribute to 29% and 22% respectively of the hacking attacks on WordPress blogs and websites.

Why Do WordPress Blogs Get Hacked?

This question can be simply rephrased as what do hackers gain by attacking WordPress blogs? Well, there are many reasons why an hacker will decide to attack your blog. It can be to get data from your site, to steal your personal files and contents, to place links on your blog, and to eliminate your blog if the hacker is of the opinion that your blog is a serious threat to him. Hackers can also attack your blog just for the fun of it. Although this sounds crazy, this is one of the reasons why a lot of hackers launch several attacks on numerous blogs and websites.

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How Much Time and Money Is Needed To Recover Your Hacked Blog?

Hacking attacks usually costs bloggers time, money, energy, and most importantly web visitors. Well, the good news is that a hacked blog can recover from a hacking attack. However, it will cost the blogger approximately 5 days to discover the attack, to understand the full extent of the attack, and to clean up and get the blog up and running again. Also, a minimum of 100 dollars will be spent on technical support to get the blog fixed.

How to Prevent Hacking Attacks

Below are some preventive measures bloggers can use to keep Hackers attack at bay:

• Install a security plugin
• Use a PC that is free from malware and viruses
• Ensure your WordPress blog is up to date
• Use strong passwords
• Use reputable hosting companies
• Don’t use themes from a source that is not trustworthy
• Backup your blogs on a regular basis.