The 10 Best Free WordPress CMS Plugins

WoprdPress CMS plugins can make your WP based website easy to use, speed up content publishing, and minimize the unnecessary functionalities of your site. Download these WP CMS plugins and improve the performance of your site.



The 10 Best Free WordPress CMS Plugins

1. CustomPress
CustomPress CMS plug in allows you to easily make a lot of different post types. Each post type has its own unique custom fields and custom taxonomies. Your CMS will enable you to create theme files, customize post type level, use custom menu items, and create as well as assign custom post types.


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2. Simple Fields
This plugin serves as a replacement of custom fields. It also adds text areas, textboxes, drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes and a file browser to the post admin area making your WP CMS easy to use. It also allows users to group fields altogether into reusable groups.


3. WP-CMS Post Control
WP-CMS Post Control is a plugin that gives users complete control over their write options for each user role/level. It allows users to hide unwanted items such as trackbacks, custom fields, revisions and more. It also provides users the capability to have control over how their WP-CMS deals with creating content.


4. CMS Tree Page View
With this plugin, users can have a CMS-like tree overview of all their pages to WP, like the view in page focused CMS. This plugin allows users to add pages, edit pages, search pages, view pages or drag and drop pages for rearranging the order of each page.


5. White Label CMS
White Label CMS is a plugin that will enable users to fully brand their WordPress as their own CMS. It also allows users to edit the dashboard and the navigation menu according to their site needs.



6. Dashboard Heaven
Dashboard Heaven is a plugin that offers Widget to User-role/level customization, which allows users to have full control over which user levels can see particular widgets on your site.


7. CMS Dashboard
CMS Dashboard creates a dashboard widget labeled with large buttons of the common tasks you are about to perform when you use WordPress as your CMS. If you’re new to WordPress, this allows you to get to where you want to be quickly and easily than hunting through the menu.


8. Front Page Category
Front Page Category plugin allows users to quickly and easily choose posts from categories that will appear on the front page. This offers users the opportunity to choose categories to go to the archive pages and not to show up on the front page.


9. CMS Press
This is a plugin that offers users the ability to make and manage custom contents as well as taxonomies for their WordPress website. With this plugin, users can have themes and templates on their CMS rather than having posts and pages only.


10. Multiple Content Blocks
Multiple Content Blocks has the ability to use multiple content blocks on a specific template. The plugin is easy to use allowing users to specify content blocks on their page that clients can easily edit.