The 10 Best Free WordPress Gallery Lightbox Plugins

Have you ever tried to encounter a website without pictures or any visual images on its content? That would be very rare, isn’t it? And, a website presentation without any photo could be very bare and boring. Photos give vibrancy to a particular web page. It brings a positive and a happy mood to a viewer if there are a lot of photos. Apart from that, it also expresses thoughts and ideas to the audience or it could be a very good support to a text that adheres to address ideas.

Photos are very important in a webpage design and that’s why there are a lot of gallery lightbox plugins available in the internet today for WordPress. Here, you can get some ideas and a list of trending plugins that you can use in your WP admin to show all of your photos to the world with a very nice presentation and form.

The 10 Best Free WordPress Gallery Lightbox Plugins

1. Featured Content Gallery
This is a free plugin that can allow a user a rotating and automated gallery on posts and pages. This is very easy to utilize and delivers a very nice gallery in your web pages.

2. Nextgen Gallery
This is one of the most common WP lightbox Gallery available over the internet these days. You can do a lot of things using this plugin like rss feeds, slideshows and a lot more. Moving, uploading and deleting photo in this app is so easy and will give you a very nice experience in your photo sharing.

3. WP Photo Album
WP photo album is considerably very cool plugin that offers a lot of options to its user for free. This plugin also allows user to manipulate their photo album stress free.

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4. Flickr Gallery
This plugin requires a little bit of scripting but the codes are short and can give you a remarkable photo presentation in your webpage.

5. Lazyest Gallery
Use this plugin to create thumbnails and slides instantly. This app allows the user to easily manipulate comments and testimonials on the photos or albums. Organizing your photos can be handled stress free on this plugin as well.

6. Shutter Reloaded
The most liked feature of this plugin is its ability to display photos so fast. Users can have the advantage of getting their clients view multiple photos because of its speed in displaying the photos.

7. Shadowbox JS
This is similar to Lightbox2, but, this plugin works with different images and media formats. This is a better choice for commercial purposes.

8. Freebie Images
Unlike the other plugins, the edge of this tool is its drag and drop concept, this is a perfect choice for photographers because this offers a high quality rendition of photos.

9. Easy Media Gallery
Easy media Gallery is one of the best tools in making an exemplary portfolio for your photos. This is very easy to use and FREE.

10. Fancy Gallery Free WordPress Gallery Plugins
This plugin is capable of linking your photos or albums with fancybox. This plugin is an award winning software because of its usefulness.