The 10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

Sites and blogs about photography is a more creative and fun way when it comes to best free WordPress themes. Blogging can be a very good way to share ideas and interest to different people across the region. Through blogging, people can learn and obtain new ideas.

WordPress is a platform for blogging but now it has evolved into a more effective way to share ideas. For photographers WordPress can be very important since it serves as their way to display all their photos and portfolio online.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

1. Monotone
It is one of the most used WordPress theme of photographers and photo lovers. It is simple yet a dynamic photo blogging WordPress theme. The colors of the theme can be change to match the photos. Each pot can be very unique and adorable. The layout of Monotone is clean and responsive.

2. Galleria
It is a very fantastic platform for sharing slideshows, artwork and photos. It has thumbnails at the bottom of each page allowing a user to easily click the image and turn it into large for easy viewing of the photos. The theme has a very good appearance making it very attractive, interactive and fun to use.

3. Autofocus
Autofocus is a very pleasant free WordPress because it is built for people who love photography and like to display their photography and portfolio online. This theme focused on typography and has a unique homepage layout.

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4. Wp Foto
This theme has a single column it is perfect for photo blogging WordPress theme. It also has thumbnails on homepage, archive pages, category pages, tag pages and custom fields.

5. Unstandard
The unstandard is a split two or three column photo WordPress theme. It automatically creates thumbnails and support for custom header images and multiple color schemes.

6. WP Pix
It is a photoblog without sidebars and uses custom fields for clean image display on all pages with built in image transparency to easily see the linked images. It also uses style sliders to show or hide content.

7. Photo- Bivori
It is simple WordPress theme with two styles, light and dark. It has automatic thumbnail generation, built-in thumbnail, insertion and random link navigation.

8. Blog Gallery
It is one of the most configured themes in photo blogging. If you are a photo blogger who wants to display your work and get rating from the viewers you can use this theme.

9. Grace
It is a minimalist photo blog theme. It is designed to be stylish, color frame and big frame to put the photos right and in a well organize pattern.

10. Photopress
It is a WordPress theme with a single column. It is designed for photo blogs that displays your photos without sidebar. It is simple yet very pleasant on the eyes while viewing the photos.

Photography lovers will be more motivated to display all their artwork and photos using these free WordPress themes for photographers. Photo blogs and other sites that talk about photography will be more stylish and creative with these WordPress themes. WordPress themes can enhance the photo viewing of the users and blog visitors