The 11 Best Free WordPress Gaming Themes

Games are one of the most sought topics in the internet because it provides os much fun not only to the younger but to the older people as well. Free WordPress gaming theme is a gaming channel that allows you to enjoy playing online games and at the same time you are free to post your blog which can be helpful in increasing the page-views of the site. Some of the free gaming themes are listed below:

1. Cubby

It is a free WordPress gaming theme developed with responsive layout with features such as the fantastic gallery, responsive design, robust sidebar, flexibility, social icons options, powerful slide, HTML5, CSS3, logo, favicon, and simple usage of WordPress theme.

2. Redpro

It is developed using the twitter bootstrap that is suitable for corporate as well as personal websites. It has fluid layout, one column, responsive layout, right sidebar, full width template, and theme options.

3. AAdya

It is a responsive WordPress gaming theme entertainingly created using the Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework. The features included with it are page-out options, custom logo, options for menu locations, slider for front page, widget areas (12), and optimized SEO.

4. Maxflat Core

Published by Admin, this has several features included on its page where among these are as follows: blog, page alignment, page markup, page comments, 6 headers, tables, and many more.

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5. Midnight City

It is a multipurpose responsive theme that offers easy viewing on any type of devices through the theme options. You can even customize it and replace the contents that you’d like to change. the key features of this gaming WordPress theme are HTML5/CSS3 support, Theme Options, pre-defined color (5), Scroll-top button, Custom Header image, two-columns displaying, one-column, Breadcrumb navigation, title header, logo, custom header, Site title, and many more.

6. MineFun

This is a gaming solution that is designed with custom widgets, JavaScript slideshow, dropdown menus, and other functional features.

7. GameZone

It is an added WordPress gaming theme that is tailored with featured post images, highlighted text columns, videos, tool tips, button posts, black quote example and many more.

8. SevenMag

It is a WordPress theme for games that is created with flat but elegant visual, Ads, blogging websites. It features theme options that enables you choose the theme that you would for this game.

9. Game Addict

It is an added WordPress gaming theme that offers numerous gaming options which you will surely love to download to your computer and enjoy playing it. It features beautiful visuals, animations, where it gives you options to manage the clan wars maps the teams, and games as well.

10. Oblivion

It is a WordPress gaming theme created using the up to date HTML5 as well as the CSS3 techniques that allows you to make reviews or portfolios for the games.

11. Orizon

It is WordPress gaming theme that is developed using WP version is apt for news as well as entertainment content. The features included in this theme are the CSS3 technology where it gives you the opportunity to make blogs, design attractive magazine for your gaming site.