The 11 Best Stylish WordPress Themes

Bolder and artistic designs increase the reliability and that value of your website which be helpful in increasing traffic to your site. Comprehensive and well versed homepages is made possible thru WordPress and becomes more appealing if this is stylishly designed as with the Stylish WordPress Themes.

There are elegantly designed stylish WordPress themes that can be helpful to you in choosing a design for your website.


It is a responsive theme that is apt for photography, personal homepage, portfolios which is built using the most up to date wordpress tools. It features Kenburns, Gallery, Slide shows, AQdmin and a lot more.


It is a wordpress theme that is specifically intended for freelancing business. It is made with simple text that can easily convey to the possible clients, client invoicing, PayPal payments and 2Checkout gateway payment.


It is an added wordpress theme which is stylishly designed with flexible portfolios appropriate for artists, design studios, and photographers.

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It offers 6 variations of styles and installing it is made simple by the template which is simply created and delicately attended to every detail of the theme. This is suitable to various businesses and can also be used for private purpose.


This wordpress theme is idyllic for adventure blogs, location guides. It is a directory theme that is integrated with the Google map that enables you to display the right locations and allowing the visitors to interact with it. This theme can also be applied with the listings of real estate or even with the store locator.


This is the wordpress theme that is crafted for serious writers craving to display their works. It is a responsive portfolio where it is focused on the writer’s contents and suitable for author and copywriters too.


It showcases versatility using the wordpress theme provoking WOW response from the viewers. It is jQuery / Ajax WordPress theme that has SEO lining support providing animations that makes the web page more vibrant. The background is in full screen with slide show. It features animated menu, option menu, support for custom gallery, jQuery pagination, tweeter feed, hover effects for image, translation files for the multilingual installations.


It is a wordpress theme crafted with simple images and providing tools that allows you to sell your domain even right after wetting it up.


This is a very distinctive wordpress theme showing your portfolio or projects offered which is right for agencies, personal, and for businesses.


It is a dominant WordPress theme that is good for creating portfolios, blogs, Creative, and Photo gallery. This theme is featuring liquid layout, infinite sidebar, Self hosting video, and many more.

Right Now

It is an added wordpress theme under the stylish category. Designs are based on the HTML5 as well to CSS3. This is Ajax developed that allows you to enjoy audio player and video files.