The 13 Best Free WordPress News Plugins

Worry no more regarding finding news for the blogs, as these best free WordPress for news plugins will help you make new stories or news website.

The 13 Best Free WordPress News Plugins

1. Genesis Dashboard News
Genesis Dashboard allow put in news widget in the WordPress administration panel, this also make a good news panel in lists of the news as well as allow user know regarding the newest updates and news through the real sources of new. Through this plugin one can communicate with international news when he or she is running a news website.

2. Responsive News and Announcements
This news plugin allow you to show the hottest news as well as the messages on peak of the blog. This allows you see the reports in a fashionable design that will be striking for and allow you identify about the hottest news or events of the day.

3. Legal News Headlines
Those who are running a blog related to law, then the Legal News Headlines will be suitable for the website owners because they can obtain hottest news regarding all leader issues, it has sidebar that shows the latest legal news.

4. NewsCred WP Plugin
Those who are searching for the most excellent resources for updating their website, then this plugin is the suitable and valuable one to get real resources of the top news. Website owners can get more than 2,500 words articles to make ideal story in an exceptional for the reports blog.

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5. XML Sitemap & Google News Feed
Google news indeed the most excellent resources to obtain news for the news websites once can utilize this plugin to communicate with GN or Google News. XML Sitemap & Google News Feed is an easy to operate plugin compared to XML sitemap WP plugins accessible.

6. WP Optimize
This optimizes the files through working the SQL comman, eliminating spam, revisions as well as unapproved comments. It is important once you do not manage the file manually, or operate your personal optimization scripts.

7. Secure WP
This provides a detailed safety check as well as makes a few adjustments and alteration to harden the WordPress install, like concealing version number.

8. Back WPup
This plugin will not function for everyone’s unit, on the other hand it is a relatively complete solution, and is regarded as the most excellent plugin.

9. Add news_keywords
Add news keywprd puts in the News Keywords; therefore Google News could index the site better.

10. News CPT
With this plugin it is simpler to put in an extensible news norm post kind to WP.

11. Yandex News
This plugin produces XML also known as YML, for sending posts in the news service of Yandex.

12. Advanced CSV Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features
The latest Advanced CSV Importer plugin use to bring in information as a bulk post, custom post, page, etc., easy clicks yet for multiple site as well as buddypress website.

13. Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget
If you are looking for a plugin that provides information about status in the dashboard from Laughing Squid Web then the Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget is the best option.