The 13 Best Jquery Moble WordPress Themes

Mobile themes are trendy because of continuous creation of mobile themes. This Jquery Mobile WordPress Theme makes utilization of mobiles more enjoyable.

Storefront Mobile

This theme is a HTML template for shopping cart based on CSS3 that offers the easiest way to purchase products through mobile phone and the appropriate and secured codes as well as structures. It can be easily integrated to Ecommerce platforms that you opted.

Web Template for Smarty /Mobile/Tablet

This theme is suitably created for business mobile homepage wit HTML pages

Template for Pocket mobile

This is developed with amazing effects, startling transitions which can be easily customized. It also uses canvas and it is mobile ready.

Chalis Mobile Retina

It is now the hi-tech mobile framework designed with the most detailed template.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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It is a web application for multi-purpose mobile featuring admin page with optional panel that offers uncomplicated set-up of the wordpress theme to your own site as well as to your clients too.

Mobile Web Theme

It is a (Touch Slider) with 4 Color which you can choose from and which you can optimize to you mobile phone or to any tablets. This has an amazing slider that offers simple navigation of the apps on any size of screens.

Shopey | Mobile eCommerce Template

It is designed based on the e-commerce template and portfolio template. It includes additional 5 pages of templates for your option if you do not prefer the structure of ecommerce solution. This is adaptable to different kinds of mobiles in various sizes of screen.

Template for Ocean Mobile

It is a highly optimized Jquery Mobile WordPress Theme that is highlt responsive. It is appropriate both for mobile as well as tablet.


It is made using the most advanced mobile framework. This also gives you the opportunity to create your own style in creating this theme on your mobile or tablet.


Its creation is based on HTML5 jQuery Mobile which is also greatly responsive and can be used for tablets also with mobile too.

Flaty Mobile Retina

This theme is designed based on HTML5, CSS3, iWebApp.

Go Mobile

This theme uses web apps referred to as V1 to V4. The contents of this theme can be found in one file and allows you to use it like an app. It offers easy navigation of the icons on its menu by sliding it from page to page. This is an amazing hi-tech wordpress design that has new functionality, and enhanced codes. It also allows you to customize it or create your own design that is appropriate to your wants. There are 10 various styles included in this theme.


It is a jQuery Mobile wordpress theme made based on HTML and the CSS3. It features retina ready with liquid design on its entire pages.