The 2 Best Free WordPress Contest Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Contest Plugins

1. Easy Facebook Contest

Easy Facebook Contest

2. Social Giveaway WordPress Plugin

Social Giveaway WordPress Plugin

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Do you think that contests can also be conducted on your website? Right now, many bloggers are already using this approach. If you are wondering about the benefit of running a contest, it would be fair to say that there is a lot of it. For one, if you want to increase your subscribers, running a contest on your site would be very beneficial. Aside from that, it is also one of the keys that can bring traffic to your site. The more attractive part for visitors is that they will be able to win something. Hence, many visitors would be interested in it.

What blogger would not want to benefit from these, right? If you now want to install the best contest plugin to your website, here is a list of the best free WordPress contest plugins that you can possibly choose from.

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The 2 Best Free WordPress Contest Plugins

1. Social Contests
This plugin is both beneficial in running social contests as well as promotions. For the campaign, it can be done on your website and you will be amazed that it spreads quickly on social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook. You can expect to drive customers to your site with the plugin. You can create social contests and promotions and host it on your WordPress site and even on your own Facebook page.

Using the plugin can help in getting more leads as well as in the improving your website’s conversion rate. There are a lot of contests you can run with the plugin. It includes sweepstakes contests, photo contests and more. And, the good thing in all these is the fact that you can access Wishpond Social Contests from your own WordPress administration interface.

With the plugin, you can collect Followers and Likes and email addresses. Contests can even be run on mobile. It has a built -in Twitter and Facebook sharing meant for all contest entries. Votes coming from these contests help in driving sharing as well as traffic to your website. All contest entries you made can easily be promoted with the use of Facebook Ad tools from Wishpond. Other contests you can make with the plugin are vote, Pinterest, Instagram, photo caption, essay, video, music contests and many more.

2. Watu Plugin
It is the plugin from the list of best free WordPress contest plugins that lets you create quizzes and exams. Other than running contests, it is also capable of displaying results immediately upon finishing the exam. The plugin allows you to assign grades as well as point levels for all grades in the quiz. You can also assign points to each answer for a question. Once all are taken care of, Watu plugin will start figuring out the grade, which will be based on the number of collected points. This plugin for WordPress is the Watu Pro light version.

Some of the best features it has include usage of shortcodes in embedding quizzes in pages or posts. All exams here can be single-choice or multiple choice questions or open-end questions. The results of quizzes are AJAX based.

Are you excited to feature contests on your website? Let your visitors have fun there by choosing one from these best free WordPress contest plugins now!