The 2 Best Free WordPress Guestbook Plugins

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WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

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All the people know that WordPress Plugins are the helpful tools that are often used in enhancing the function of an open source blogging form. There are various types of plugins for WordPress, and one of this is the WordPress Guestbook. Actually, this is the context under consideration. Through this plugin, WordPress users can endorse their visit in a specific webpage or website and they will be given the chance to crash a certain comment in any nature, (whether they want to attend in a blog activity).

Guestbook is the one who take note of several users who often visit the site even though they select not to share their information or put a comment on it. The page of guestbook let the users gain an opportunity to share their contact details and email address. In this case, the guestbook plugin is the best tool to use in sharing a detail in the guestbook. This also allow the users to put number in a page, reply comments, give the chance to add emoticons and smiley’s, give advantage in selecting the order of comment which are already made and allow the users to make their back up.

The 2 Best Free WordPress Guestbook Plugins

1. DMS Guestbook
This is one of the widely used guestbook plugins today. It has the best and improved features that will get the interest of most WordPress users. Actually, this plugin is often called by most people as the best guestbook plugin until today because it really has great improvement primarily on its features.

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Whether you use this for the integration for the entire plugins then DMS guestbook is not only made for the integration of different guestbook plugins, but it is also made to enhance the Gwolle BG by itself. This is the most important information that comes along with this plugin.

2. Gwolle GB
Just like the DMS, this is also the plugin for guestbook that is also used by hundreds of WordPress users. The major feature of this plugin is that it really catches the interest of all people who are looking for a safe and effective way in downloading guestbook plugins. This plugin comes with high standard security and usability. Aside from giving users the freedom to create and receive comments, it is comes with the current plugins that has the ability to improve functionalities.

It includes the integrated features that old guestbook plugins usually have. Most WordPress users really love this plugin because it is so easy to learn and use.

Both the DMS guestbook and Gwolle GB have bizarre features that make it more reliable and helpful to use. Due to its features and function, almost hundred of WordPress users are having the interest to use it. Since the best free WordPress guestbook plugins are offered for free, you will never be required to spend money to have them all. One thing that is sure about the best free WordPress guestbook plugins is that all of them will always give you the benefits that you definitely appreciate.