The 3 Best Free WordPress Photo Contest Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Photo Contest Plugins

1. Easy Facebook Contest

Easy Facebook Contest

2. Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre

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There are a lot of contests being hosted everyday in television and in the radio. But have you ever thought of conducting contests through online most especially in a specific website?

Conducting of contests in a specific website is possible and one of the best choices is none other conducting a photo contest. Since all of the people today are using the camera or who already have their own, a lot of people will surely join this specific contest.

If you are interested of conducting a photo contest through your website, you should preferably have a WordPress Photo Contest Plugins. This type of plugin is created most especially for photo contest and will be very beneficial since it will be attracting the visitors of your website to become potential subscribers of your mailing list thus increasing it more.

And in choosing the right photo contest plugin, it should be reliable and at the same time dependable. To give you an idea of the available plugins, here are the best free WordPress Photo Contest Plugins.

The 3 Best Free WordPress Photo Contest Plugins

Social Contests- this is not an ordinary plugin because it very beneficial when it comes to both photo contest and promotions. Through this, the contest can be done by using social media networks such as the Facebook, Twitter and a lot more. You can even host the contest through your blog which is hosting a WordPress.

It has the capabilities of giving you more leads and improves more your blog site. Aside from conducting a photo contest, this plugin is also applicable for other types of contest including sweeptakes, essay, music, video, instagram contests and a lot more.

PhotoContest Plugin 1.5.6- cool thing about this plugin, it enables the users create a photo contest voting. They can even upload photos and everybody is welcome to vote if which one of the uploaded photos they like most. It has the capacity of extending or setting the period of voting as well as setting the required photos each user should have. It has the control over the photos wherein the users are allowed to active or deactivate the photos.

The users can view the details of the voting and in the WordPress Admin Panel; Photo Contests is located right at the side menu. It can create small to large thumbnails as well as sending of emails to the admin user once an upload has occurred. Most important thing, only subscribed users are permitted to the uploading of photos.

Simple Photo Contest- it is one of the plugins which provides easy and simple management of a photo contest. The users can upload their photos and at the same time allowing them to add the name of the photographer and a description. The photos are being restored in a separate folder and two images are being shown to the visitors of the site: the first one is in a thumbnail size and the other is in one view.

Through this free WordPress Photo Contest Plugins, conducting a photo contest is easier and convenient. It is also serves as a great way of increasing the members of your mailing list.