The 4 Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

You have done all the necessary works to get your website done and it’s visited by users now. You also made it possible for the visitors to get them interested in asking for more information. So, you think that all is settled now. But then you noticed that they are not contacting you. What should be done? Well, there are the best free WordPress contact form plugins that you can consider for one. These plugins for WordPress come both for free and with payment. If you do not have the budget to avail the ones that need payment, the list of free contact form plugins is your best option. It is also ideal for you if you want only the best of it. So, here is the list of free WordPress plugins that you can use.



The 4 Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Jetpack Contact Form
It is among the plugins already installed in almost all WordPress sites. It comes with a nice enough contact form. It comes with several features you will like as well. Some of these are enabling the creation of several multiple forms. However, only one can be done per post. It lets you create custom fields and spam should be at minimum since it is using the Akismet. A provided feedback management is present. You can use it in managing all messages that are sent to you. There are negatives that you have to deal with like a file upload field cannot be provided. But, if you are after simplicity and functionality, this plugin can be that. It meets the needs of WordPress users.


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2. Contact Form
It is one of the best free WordPress contact form plugins, one that is developed by Best Web Soft. It is easy to use and has more features to offer than Jetpack. One that stands out most is the attachment field where users can upload file in the form. It offers the option of sending a copy to the visitor. However, just like the first on the list, this one is not that customizable. Modifications are necessary if you want to add some extra fields. Only a single email address can be configured. And, if you want to customize the form styles, you should know about CSS and HTML or pay for the customization you prefer to be done.



3. Easy Contact Forms
Its name is the exact thing that the plugin is. It is easy to use and almost customizable. It comes with great support as well. The contact form plugin also comes with features you will like, including enabling the creation of custom field types and uploading of files. CAPTCHAs can be added in the form too. The plugin is already loaded with features, with AJAX as the only one missing.


4. Custom Contact Form
It is packed with features and is said to be better than what Easy Contact Form has. However, you might find some issues with its dashboard interface since it is not that appealing. But, fortunately, it can be improved. You will love that this it is among the best free WordPress contact form plugins featuring custom HTML forms.


With all these best free WordPress contact form plugins at your hand, you only need to choose what you think would best help you. In no time at all, you will find yourself dealing with a pile of contact forms to work on.