The 4 Best Free WordPress Editor Plugins

The best free WordPress editor plugins can help you easily create, customize, edit, and style the content of your WordPress site. Every WordPress site must have editor plugins to edit contents easily. Here are some of the best free WordPress editor plugins that you can download to enhance the appearance of your site’s content.

The 4 Best Free WordPress Editor Plugins

1. WYSIWYG 3D Drag and Drop Visual HTML Editor & Web Page Builder
This plug in provides you the entire HTML editor tools that you need to easily place items on your posts or pages, and move around and stack with one another. This plug in is ideal for WordPress based site administrators and can be used as a standalone plug in for any website. The plug in has advanced options feature that you can use for building HTML web pages out the WordPress template. This plug in includes over 600 Google fonts, CKEditor, and inline content editable HTML. The new version of this plug in can be used to build themeless pages within your WordPress environment.

2. WordPress Helpers
This plug in can provide the missing settings you wish to be in WordPress. With this plug in, you can take control of your WordPres Admin Bar. It displays ID’s on edit screens for pages, posts, users, tags, custom taxonomies, and custom post types. This plug-in exposes the hidden setting of your page, disables the theme switcher, and removes the Screen Options tab. This is the perfect plug in for you if you want to hide the Dashboard widgets, and disable the Upgrade Notifications for Themes, Plugins, and WordPress individually.

3. Visual Editor Custom Buttons
This plug in allows you to add your own custom buttons on your WordPress Visual Editor and the HTML Editor. This offers to the capability to add HTML code, either as a single block or as a wrap. Additionally, set the CSS from within the plug in, so you can preview the effect on the button directly at the Visual Editor. Visual Editor Custom Buttons is a plug in that comes with a huge number of button icon, yet you can still add your own buttons. This can be the perfect plug in for editing your WordPress Visual Editor, simplify the upgrade process, and add special features to your editor.

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4. WYSIWYG Widgets
Use this plug in to add Widget Blocks to your WordPress site, which you can quickly and easily display at your widget areas. This offers you the capability to create and edit the widget blocks that you wish to edit in any page or post, while all the default editing functions enabled. With this plug in, you can create attractive widgets without the need of writing HTML codes, insert media into your widget content easily, and add headings, blockquotes, lists, and any HTML element into your widgets through the Visual Editor.

No matter what kind of plug in you need for your WordPress Editor, the best free WordPress editor plugins can provide you with your needs. They can be downloaded for free, and most of them are created and developed for novice users, so they are pretty easy to use.