The 4 Best Free WordPress Link Plugins

There are lots of free WordPress links plugins available today which can help you track, link and shrink URL from your sites. Listed below are just some of the good examples of this plugins.

The 4 Best Free WordPress Link Plugins

1. Pretty Link WordPress Plugin
Share, track and shrink any URL from your site. Not like other link contracting services such as, budurl and tinyurl, this new plugin allows user to make shortlinks that come from your personal site. This also tracks every hit in the URL and offers complete, thorough information regarding the origin of hit, host and OS as well as browser. This is also regarded as a destroyer plugin for those who would likt to disguise their links, monitor clicks from your emails, and improve the reach of the site through spreading this affiliate through Twitter, comments, forums on other websites.

This plugin is equipped with essential features such as provides you the capability to make simple and clean URLs on the blog which redirect to all other URL. It also produces random two and three characters strikes of lets user to name a norm strike for the URL, it monitors the quantity of hot for every link, and it also monitors the amount of exceptional hits for every link. This also offers a reporting boundary wherein user can view a configurable diagram of clicks for everyday. The reports can be assessed by the particular link that clicked, unique click as well as date range.

2. RB Internal Links
Even if this plugin has not been modernized, still it must be included in each WP installation. RB Internal links plugin assist with your internal linking.

This state of the art plugin is exceptional due to the fact that it utilizes the post identification to connect internally instead of the URL. Meaning, if you would like to alter the URL of posts and pages, then it will be rationalized or updated dynamically.

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This gets rid of the possibility of internal 404 page which can destroy search engine optimization for the internal pages and making sure that no guests reaches pages which doesn’t exist.

3. Simple URLs
Simple URLs is an excellent and remarkable WordPress link plugin available at this point in time. With this plugin you can keep an eye to outbound links as well as manage them totally right in the backend of the WordPress. Once you put in Disallow:/go/ in to the robots.file data, this will stop all authority from passing in the link.

This plug in is very valuable in keeping an eye to these links. Like for instance, those who have affiliate links on their site, they can work out a conversion speed from understanding the amount of clicks to the amount of people who buy something through the affiliate link.

4. Broken Link Checker
This state of the art plugin is very efficient on dealing broken links what is annoying when you are anticipating readers to tale them, through this plugin you can check the entire websites instantly especially those you have linked to prior they become an issues.