The 4 Best Free WordPress Related Posts Plugins

To boost traffic into your site, you have to use related posts plugins. These plugins can help increase the amount of clicks on your blog posts. Most bloggers normally use these “Related Post Plugins” to increase the level of impression of their blogs. In the site of WordPress, there are a number of such forms of plugins available. Each of them offers benefits and has distinctive features. So, if you are one of those bloggers wanting to take similar advantage of what they offer, you must be looking for the best free WordPress related posts plugins.

To give you an idea about some of the best free WordPress related posts plugins, simply take the following as your guide:

1. Yet Another Related Post Plugin

Yet Another Related Post Plugin is an ideal option for the bloggers who opt to choose a great tool for making the most of their related posts. Of course, this only means more loads of work when producing articles. It also provides you the full control on whether truly related products within the list are being displayed or not. In this form of plugin, the template does not demand editing. Its relevancy is indeed excellent. Within the settings, there are a number of provided options in the plugin prior to its configuration, similar to when writing setting of emotion conversion into graphics. It comes with great features, making it a sought after by many bloggers.

2. Related Posts for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress provides a quite different and innovative feature that does not just make your site a bit user-friendly, but it also delivers traffic to your site. This plugin locates content-related pages through its vigorous search functionality. It also comes with relations that are easy to handle. It complements effective management of customized posts. Furthermore, it also contains quite favorable Widget Support. Aside from these, this WordPress plugin offers various benefits that will be appreciated by every blogger.

3. nRelate Related Content Plugin

One of the best free WordPress related posts plugins is called nRelate Related Content Plugin. It allows you to display suitable related posts. Such Related Content plugin is a bit optimized, presenting only relevant content. The plugin enables users from generating money for supported posts on the website. In fact, this plugin makes an analysis on the articles found on your blogs and the list of relevant posts viewed in your visitors’ present history. If you like, you also make blog posts on the blogroll.

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4. WP-Thumbie

WP-Thumbie displays messages is quite a diverse way, with the very attractive and clean layout. This plugin displays a list of thumbnail generated related posts. It enables you to display a post with its excerpt. The plugin also comes with a number of features, such that it could display related posts with images in thumbnail of huge post titles in every blog post. In addition to this, you may also show off the quantity of posts for the content of the blog.

These WordPress related posts plugins are only some of the best free options you can find. By searching online, you should be able to locate more of them that may simply complement your needs.