The 4 Best Free WordPress Shopify Plugins

As of today, the electronic commerce has been an avenue to sell products and make shopping easier without any hustle of time and travel. WordPress has been an excellent platform of ecommerce to sell products to different parts of the globe. WordPress could have integrate shopify to further increase the chances and rate of sales because the product is being shown to lots of people of different races.

The integration of Shopify in the WordPress does not require technical expertise in order to sell the product and services in the online market. The simplicity of Shopify have allowed lots of online entrepreneurs and even companies to make their selling activities more appealing into the public in different parts of the word. The integration of Shopify is made possible by installing widgets to make the adding of product to be sold and advertise easier. The choice of theme and background depends upon the individual and the type of product or service to advertise online.

1. WP-Ecommerce

This plug-in has been the most popular not only because it is being offered. It has many features which are really ideal for selling products or services. It allows the company or an individual to accept payments in different ways such as, money orders, pay pal payments, Google checkout and Cronopay. It has been helping lots of people who are starting to establish WordPress store. This can easily be downloaded in full function without any limitations. The entire application is never far from the WordPress which allows an individual to fully satisfy use of it.

2. Ecwid

Another free WordPress shopify plug-in, with full ecommerce system as well as a shopping cart. ECwid is easy to be installed in order to customize the WordPress plug-in by simply integrating this. It allows the business or the individual to established connection to other social networking sites, thereby increasing the chances of product or service marketability. A wider range of customers is being tap by this plug-in. The integration of this plug-in to an existing social media website is very easy for it only takes a number of minutes. Its simplicity has been very beneficial to make the advertising easier without any concern on regarding its use. The plug-in itself upgrades every time there is a new version.

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3. eShop

eShop is an accessible shopping cart plug-in for WordPress which is fully equipped with various features to let the individual satisfy their business career in advertising products and services. This allows customers to sign up for the site to enjoy access in choosing the product they will love the most. This allows the entrepreneur to see the data’s regarding the sales of products and services. It is easy to be installed, downloading products, and reviews of the products. It can be customize depending upon the appearance that the owner wanted for it to look like.

4. Shopify

This has been the most popular plug-in for people who are experiencing problems in the integration of ecommerce in their WordPress plug-in. it is built to meet the needs of customers all around the globe.