The 5 Best Free Classy WordPress Themes

Classy WordPress theme is a premium WordPress that was created to meet the client’s needs. This theme is done in an elegant business style that is easy to use or to customize. These include 7 custom post types such as portfolio, pricing columns, and testimonials as well as some shortcodes.

The Classy makes the theme looked great. This also includes all the fantastic features that you’ll want to create in your business style theme. In the classy WordPress theme, there are different parts to be aware and consider to create the most fantastic and beautiful theme that caters your taste and style.


The Homepage is composed of different sections such as the slider section, the highlights section with 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns options used for adding text, the services section that supports 25×25 icons and with 1 to 4 columns, the portfolio carousel and the blog section that contains 1 to 4 columns. In creating homepage there is no need to use shortcodes, just simply add your custom post types and it will automatically be set-up for you. Thus, you can also create a homepage using static page and shortcodes.

Custom Post Types. The classy theme uses various custom post types like the staff, services, portfolio, pricing tables, and testimonials. The new and coolest of these are the portolio that supports the unlimited categories and paginated pages. The services support the small icon displays and featured images. The testimonials have their own template with unique designs while the pricing tables managed the custom post types and create unlimited amount of them.

Top 5 Classy WordPress Themes

1. Classy
This is one of the most developed WordPress themes that suit businesses of any size. It’s a kind of WordPress theme that features very clean and elegant business style. It is also one of the easiest ways to be used and customized. This theme uses various custom post types.

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2. Ecobiz
The Ecobiz is a clean and elegant WordPress theme. It is dedicated to eco living and this type of business.

3. Qlassik
The Qlassik has a one click auto install feature. It also contains 5 sleek color variations to fit your needs.

4. Enterprise
The Enterprise is one of the WordPress themes for business. It is a classic type and also a modern at the same time. Thus, the Enterprise is very popular among businesses.

5. Cascadia
The Cascadia is also a classy WordPress theme or corporate WordPress theme. This theme is used to setup an online portfolio, corporate web presence, or for blog theme.

The appearance of your web page is very important especially to the visitors of your site. It might be uncomfortable to the visitors if the designs used are not relevant to the content of your site. The best design for your webpage should be eye-catching. The classy WordPress themes are very easy to maintain and do not require frequent design changes as a reaction to the latest design trends.