The 5 Best Free WordPress Admin Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Admin Plugins

1. Forest – Revolution WordPress Admin Theme

Forest - Revolution WordPress Admin Theme

2.WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin

WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin
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Best free WordPress Admin plugins can help you control the backend of your WordPress website. These plugins are critical to the functionality of your website. The admin plugins listed below can help you present more opportunities for your website than trouble.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Admin Plugins

1. Shortcodes Ultimate
This plug in can be used to easily create buttons, boxes, tabs, responsive videos, and different sliders into your WordPress site. With this plug in, you can turn your admin free themes to premium. This allows you to easily and quickly retrieve premium themes features and display them on your site. Shortcodes Ultimate features include Shortcode Generator, modern responsive design, 40+ amazing shortcodes, and power of CSS3, Rich API, especial widgets, and custom CSS editor with syntax highlight.

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2. Feedweb Plugin
This plug in is the simplest and easiest way to improve and promote your blog. Feedweb allows you to freely integrate customized rating widgets in selected posts in your WordPress website. You can choose questions you want to ask your readers and obtain precise and comprehensive feedback about your blog. The blog rating widget that you create using this plug in is an attractive animated visual that can improve your site’s ratings. This plug in is built using the latest HTML5 technology and meets enterprise level quality, as well as the highest security and privacy standards.

3. Stream
This plug in allows you to determine exactly the changes that have been made in your WordPress website, and the people who did those changes. The user activity stream features of this plug in record every logged-in user action that has been made in your site. The logs are organized for easy filtering through context, action, IP address, and connector. This plug in will affect your default posts with tables or slows down the content querying of your WordPress site. This plug in is designed and developed to extend, allowing you to easily build your own connectors for tracking any kind of action in your WordPress admin activity.

4. Titan Framework
This is a plug in that allows theme and plug in developer to easily create admin pages, Meta boxes, options, and customizable options using few simple code lines. This plug in is suitable for every WordPress based website administrator. Titan Framework features theme customizer live preview integration, automatic CSS generation with SCSS support, and supports child themes. It integrates with your project seamlessly, makes development unbelievably easy, and is built with optimization in mind to not clutter your database.

5. Share Buttons
This plug in can be placed virtually anywhere in your WordPress website. It contains searchable menu for every service applicable, displayed by default. This plug in can help increase content distribution, ranking, engagement, and the traffic that’s going into your site. Share Button features detailed analytics, 60 sharing services, enabled media solutions, asynchronous loading support, and content delivery network support.

These plugins can help you manage and control the admin activities in your WordPress site. The functionality of your website can be improved if you have these plugins, so download them today.