The 5 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Advertising Plugins

1. AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager

AdPress - WordPress Ad Manager

2.Interstitial Ads for WordPress

Interstitial Ads for WordPress
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There are plenty of WordPress plugins that allow you to fully control your ads. Basically, they will provide you with the options to the type and position of your ads. However, it’s not easy to choose which advertising plug in is the best, and not all of them come for free. Below are few of the best free WordPress advertising plugins.

1. WP125
This is a plug in suitable for bloggers who prefer to manage their ads on their own website rather than on advertising networks. This plug in can help you sell your ads with your time and pace without getting bounded to advertising network. Unlike previous advertising methods, there is less for you to do. WP125 allows site administrators to display their ads in a single or dual column format. Additionally, the ads can be displayed in order format or randomly depending on what suits you best.

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2. AdRotate
This plugin has over a million of downloads, and the most popular ads plug in used by users all over the world. With this plug in, you can monetize your WordPress website in real time. AdRotate allows you to create and edit advert banners from the dashboard, and place banners at strategic positions on your website. This plug in can possibly increase the maximum click through rate of your site. The premium version of this plug in has plenty of features that you can use for promoting your ads.

3. Ad Injection
This plug in allows users to insert adverts almost in any part of the website. Ad Injection works well with Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, TradeDoubler, ClickBank, and more. With your WordPress website equipped with thus plug in, you can customize a wide range of displayed ads depending on the page or post’s length. Additionally, this plug in allows you to create adverts in a widget position and can be displayed at the sidebar. You can also choose to block the advert if you want the world not to see it.

4. Simple Ads Manager
This is a plug in allows for flexible logic to be used for placing adverts on the WordPress website. With Simple Ads Manager, you can display ads with widgets, short codes, or as part of the theme template. Also, you have the capability to limit the number of ads to be displayed based on the page, post, author, or custom post type. Additionally, you can extend the restrictions to any number of ads depending on the number of clicks that the ads receive.

5. AdPress
This plug in allows you to put up ads on your site using many features including banners, campaigns, impsressions, track clicks, adzones, and Click through Rate (CTR). AdPress allows for short codes to display adverts on the site. Also, you can use widget styled areas to display your advertisements.

WordPress advertising plugins allow you to easily create and manage your ads on your site. With this plug in, you can ensure for greater visibility of your ads, and increased CTR. And the greatest thing about these plugins is that they are free for download, so they are extremely beneficial for every WordPress based website administrator.