The 5 Best Free WordPress Contact Us Plugins

Developing a WordPress website always entails looking for the best Contact Us Form plugins that it can be integrated with. The contact us form is one of the things that any website must have. Of course, as a website owner, you would want your visitors to contact you and leave their message through sending you these forms. How would they do that if this form is not present in your website, right? But, don’t you worry about looking for the best of these or even with your lack of budget. That is because the list you will see below shows the best free WordPress contact us plugins.



The 5 Best Free WordPress Contact Us Plugins

1. Contact Form 7
This contact us form plugin both has a built in CAPTCHA and AJAX submission. It even features the Akismet spam filtering. And, it has a field where a file can be uploaded. This will get you all set when it comes to your visitors’ need for a contact us form. Customization of the plugin is also enabled. With a bit of knowledge in HTML, you can get the contact us form customized to your needs and likeness.


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2. Fast Secure Contact Form
This contact us form plugin can be easy to customize and edit from the admin interface. It is capable of blocking common tactics used by spammers through its CAPTCHA as well as Akismet support. It is featuring complete support in the usage of multiple forms in the entire website. You also have the option of redirecting visitors to another specified URL.



3. Contact Form by
Developers, critics and users described this contact us form as a robust one. It is one of the best free WordPress contact us plugins that feature a fields that can be customized, including date and time, dropdown menus, text, etc. It features auto responder capabilities too and it offers CAPTCHA support.


4. Custom Contact Forms
This contact us form is highly customizable and that is not the best part yet. What you will love the most about this is that you have the option of changing its appearance without the use of CSS. The plugin is featuring a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to rearrange fields the way you like it. You will also love that it gives you the option of making some fields that are needed and even the optional ones. Creation of unlimited fields is enabled in Custom Contact forms as well. The last one that will surely benefit users is the option of uploading files.


5. Visual Form Builder
With this contact us form plugin, you are enabled to add field in just a single click. Like the fourth on the list, you can also rearrange the fields using the featured drag-and-drop function. It has a built-in anti-spam system. For more convenience, the plugin features the function of simply pasting a shortcode for a contact us form to be added to any page within your WordPress website. Visual Form Builder offers various field types as well as confirmation messages that are customized.


Now that you are given the list of the best free WordPress contact us plugins for your use, why not start choosing from these? That way, you can soon integrate one of these into your WordPress website and start receiving contact us forms.