The 5 Best Free WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

There is never a nice and efficient means of managing upcoming events than an event calendar manager. There are such things developed for website usage as well, especially for WordPress users. There are even lists of the best free WordPress event calendar plugins that you can find online. These plugins are useful and helpful in creating event schedules to be displayed on your blog. These are a collection of plugins that are useful for both bloggers and visitors. So, if you want your event schedule to be organized and easily known by your visitors, it will be nice to start choosing from the list provided below.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

1. All-in-One Even Calendar
It is the event calendar manager and plugin that can help you with your daily, weekly and monthly schedule. It is useful for different events and tasks. There is even an upcoming widget event that you can soon use. The widget comes in several categorized colors, which are designed for easy creation of multiple events on the website. It comes with several features as well, including easy sharing of events with Google calendar. Importing other calendars can be easily done as well in an automatic manner. There are more features with this free event calendar plugin and you will know more about it once you choose to install it to your site.

2. Events Manager
It is considered as the most popular from the list of best free WordPress event calendar plugins. It lets you create events, manage attendees and accept bookings easily and quickly. All these are possible by using a single plugin.

3. Events Calendar
It is one of your best choices for an event calendar plugin. Events can easily be shared on WordPress with this. Its included features are quick creation of events, AJAX system and a calendar month that can be easily viewed with tooltips. The plugin features a list view of the events, Google maps and event search. You can save all the venues as well as your organizers with the use of the plugin.

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4. Sugar Events Calendar Lite
It is a simple free event calendar plugin that helps you in adding events on your website. You can also use it in making a simple event calendar with the use of widgets. Its calendar view is AJAX enabled. It is able to manage and configure simple events. It has its own event archive. And, the date and starting as well ending time of any event can be set easily with the use of the plugin.

5. WP Simple Booking Calendar
It is especially developed for booking anything as well as making holiday schedules or even adding events on a monthly basis. It features a shift calendar, generates token and it can even set status in every date. It creates a booking calendar which can be available in several languages.

Show up any of the upcoming events in your website with the help of these best free WordPress event calendar plugins. Create custom posts, display event widgets and more with these free event calendar plugins. Choose one from the list to make management of events easy for you!