The 5 Best Free WordPress Form Builder Plugins

A well presented website is composed of many forms. It would be very dull if the page design is so bare. WordPress, on the other hand, has a lot to offer. There are a lot of form maker or form builder out in the market today – thousands of them. Form builder is actually software that can help an individual to make a website design even if he or she is not knowledgeable about making multiple lines of codes. This powerful software can make a significant effect on your website content presentation including its widgets and functionalities. Most of the form builders at present are user-friendly. Here, you can get some of the leading form builders for WordPress over the internet these days.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Form Builder Plugins

This form is considerably one of the hottest and commonly used by many WordPress users these days. It offers a lot of cool features and functionality. One good advantage of this software is that it’s a super user-friendly. Meaning, it’s the software that can be categorized as an object-oriented application. You can do everything by just dragging and dropping the elements that you want to utilize like a date picker, text box, dialog box, button and more. You can do all the stuff here without even touching the codes at the back of the webpage design. It also offer some sort of security in your page like the anti spam field. This is a very amazing form builder that you might want to try.

FormGet Contact Form is also the software that is ready for massive use. This is a good choice for many this year. Like the previous software, this application also uses the concept of drag and drop contact or what we call object oriented designing and programming. This kind of concept is widely used these days in many software programs or applications for a more user-friendly approach. The features of FormGet Contact Form are highly exceptional as well. The most liked feature of this form builder is its integration of payment methods to the WP admin.

This software is one of the simplest form builder plugins ever created. This is a cool web design and form building solution that can be utilized in your simple needs in WP admin. It offers built-in CAPTCHA, AJAX Submission, Akismet spam filtering, multiple file uploads capabilities and a lot more, though simple, the user must have a bit of knowledge in HTML in order to enjoy this wonderful application.

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ContactBuddy by PluginBuddy offers simple – supercharged simplicity which is the feature of this form builder plugin. This plugin can offer you a form with a name, email, e-mail subject, message fields and more that can be added to your widgets so easily.

This plugin is also a drag and drop type. Making complex forms using this builder is so easy and you don’t even have to touch the codes. This one also offers a lot of features that you will surely love. Apart from that, this plugin has a built in template that you can use as-is or you can customize.