The 5 Best Free WordPress Forums Plugins

WordPress is a very powerful blogging tool, though many are using it for blogging. But, it can be used to make a website as well. To make your blog page or website more powerful and interactive, you can use plugins to enhance its capabilities. A forum plugins can help you build communities. This plugins can help you engage and establish a connection to your website audience as well. Applying a forum in your WordPress site is very easy and you don’t actually have to do the coding. It’s as good as plug and play. So here, you can get some of the best WordPress forums plugins in no particular order.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Forums Plugins

1. BBPress
bbPress is a very elegant yet simple kind of forum plugin. It was actually created by the WordPress creator so it is technically very compatible with WordPress. bbPress is a commonly used forum plugin because it is very easy to use, super user friendly and it has a lot of templates to offer. It also comes with a forum menu so you can basically manipulate everything in your forum plugins. It can offer a wide array of different styles for a better visual effect on your WordPress page.

2. ForumPress
ForumPress is also one of the leading forum plugins in the internet today. It is also known as WP forum-server and it is a very cool forum system. It has a lot of features to offer. It comes in free and pro version. Pro version is highly exceptional and comes with a lot of features. This plugin is also a user friendly. There is no coding needed and you can use it any time.

3. Vanilla Forums
This is open source software, meaning it is pretty much open to suggestions and upgrade. It is a viable option for community solutions. It can also allow the users to make customized community. Apart from that, it is also a very easy to install plugin, it can embed forum directly in WP, and it can add widgets in Wp as well.

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4. Simple:Press
Simple:Press is considered as one of the most user friendly WordPress forum plugins. This tool is very powerful and feature packed tool for forums. It offers spam prevention, permission system, seo friendly permalinks, custom keywords and description plus a lot more. It is also integrated with WordPress login and registration in order for the user to totally manage the forums in WordPress. It cannot be downloaded in so you have to go directly to their main page. Another cool feature of this plugin is that, it is highly compatible to different browsers and latest version of WP.

5. Mingle
Mingle is known as a very simple plugin in WP. However, it is struggling to make the set-up process below 5 minutes. Like the other plugins, Mingle is also a user friendly tool for forums and community and it has a well rendered interface too. It also comes with some security features like spam prevention. Mingle forum plugins for WP can be linked in Mingle social media site.