The 5 Best Free WordPress Gallery Slideshow Plugins

Slideshows is one of the most important elements in the modern websites these days. It offers a friendly use in your websites audiences and it also gives you a very easy way to deliver and to exhibit all the photos that you want to share to the world. It is very important for your album photos for easy navigation and better visual impact.

It can also present the photos of your products or services in a very professional approach. Slideshows as an element is widely used by many webpage designers these days. In WordPress, there are thousands of slideshows plugins that you can utilize for your websites beautiful looks and appearance. Here, you can get a list of top WordPress gallery slide shows that you can use in your WP admin. And the coolest thing is that, these plugins are FREE. Yes, that’s right so get ready and choose the best that will suit your needs.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Gallery Slideshow Plugins

1. Nivo Slider
This is one of the most loved slideshow plugins in the world these days. This plugin is powered by jQuery and uses a nivo slider code. The coolest feature of this is the wide array of options that a user can use for any slideshow needs. Using nivo slider will not require you to become knowledgeable in script writing. This is a good example of object oriented plugin for better handling in your webpage design process.

2. Content Slider Plugin
This new plugin in the internet today is gaining popularity recently. It can offer you a new and fresh way of photo slideshow. This one also uses a query script. Make a unique slideshow presentation using this plugin and show all the photos you want to exhibit in your webpage in a different way.

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3. Coin Slider 4
The edge of this plugin is its capacity to make a transition effect on the photos. This is actually a WP plugin. This utilizes the photos from previous posts, meaning the slideshow is always fresh and new. This application can give you fulfillment and satisfaction when it comes to visual rendition and effects. Show to your audiences all you got using this kind of slideshow plugin.

4. Slideshow gallery Plugin
Slideshow gallery plugin has a thumbnail feature. This is cool for easy navigation between photos in a particular also allows you to use multiple galleries all trough out your WP webpage. This free plugin is perfect for your company. If you will exhibit photos of your products, this is a very ideal slideshow plugin. offer your audience or target market with an ease in navigation in order for you to boost up your sales.

This plugin is the most popular plugin in WordPress. It has a lot of features to offer. It has various options with a very simple approach making it a very user-friendly plugin. You can easily use this and have a wonderful photo presentation in your WP admin. This powerful slideshow plugin uses a drag and drop concept as well, so you will definitely have fun in using this free application.