The 5 Best Free WordPress Language Plugins

Websites hosted by WordPress are able to accumulate millions of visitor world widely. Different nations have different languages and it can be a problem because some of them don’t use English as their local language that troubles them from understanding your site, blogs etc.

Fortunately, WordPress has found a solution in resolving such language barrier. WordPress is programmed in such a flexible way that it can be translated to numerous languages that enables all foreign visitors to activate the language they prefer. Plugin developers are required to include translation support in every little detail in his site which may consume so much work. But, the advantage is awesome for your website will be often visited by a larger number of audiences who will conveniently make use of your language plugins to explore. And, you can do this from the help of free WordPress language plugins.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Language Plugins

1. WordPress Language Plugin
A WordPress language plugin allows the webmasters to run WordPress sites that are localized that will change the WordPress language excluding the aid of installing edit PHP or translation files. This is the main source of convenient running of sites that allows both the webmasters and visitors of a site to select their preferred languages for their convenience and the translation happens automatically. This plugin allows webmasters to run a site compromising various languages only in one database that promotes an easy and efficient site than running several sites in different languages.

2. Plugin Language Switcher
This is one of the best language plugins for WordPress. This plugin make use of different languages specifically from the default ones in WordPress. Another usage of this plugin is its ability of not to change the language of the whole blog even when several plugin translations are tested.

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3. Simple Language Switcher
Simple Language Switcher is the lightweight WordPress language plugin which features are very simple and it allows the users to display tools for language switching on your site. The language switcher provides the visitors the ability to switch the language from default to their preferred language. However, the language switcher is not back-end.

Simple Language Switcher is one of the best free WordPress language plugins that has desirable features such as easy customization of the language switcher. It prevents overlaying display of external web pages in the site which is currently opened and it translates the webmaster’s post into different languages.

4. Xili-Language WordPress
This WordPress language plugin lets webmasters to manage and create multilingual WordPress site compromising numerous languages that are most commonly localizable themes. This language plugin provides an automatic translation of languages from default to preferred language of the whole blog and posts. The behavior themes can be customized personally through settings api and hooks. This language plugin is readily available for designers and CMS developers. Xilli Language Plug helps visitors to automatically select languages in the webmaster’s post, article and pages.

5. Multisite Language Switcher
A WordPress language plugin that is simple and easy-to-use yet powerful plugin that will aid in helping webmasters managing and organize multilingual pages, post, categories, custom taxonomies and tags. This language plugin also provides support in installing WordPress multisite.