The 5 Best Free WordPress Members Plugins

One of the effective ways on how a website can gain as much visitors as possible and getting many subscribers is through letting readers turn into members of the website. If you are interested with making your website gain more subscribers, then you should get any of best free WordPress members plugins that many blog site owners are also using. As soon as you use any of the plugins, you are assured that readers will find it easy to be a part of your site and get an easy access with all of the contents you are going to post.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Members Plugins

If you want to learn the choices for several options for best free WordPress members plugins, then try any of the following:

1. WP-Members
It is a perfect plugin for those blogs that are driven with making as much members for their premium contents and newsletters. Those that are registered members of the site, people are able to access to premium contents and provide special access for particular viewable contents. Subscribers are able to get premium contents and restrict those unregistered visitors to particular contents.

2. BP List Newest Members Widget
This plugin allows people to see the photos as well as the names of the people who have turned as the newest members of the site. These new member will be shown on the widget area of the site and will also include the access on setting up the total number of people who are registered as members. It also allows you to make use of the widgets through various sidebars.

3. Members Import
Through the use of this plugin, you are allowed to import members or users from any CSV file that is uploaded. It will also add basic information of the members and will be added as a “subscriber”. You can even opt to send any notification to new users and have their password nag displayed on the user login.

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4. Invite Anyone
Through the use of this plugin, you are provided with 2 options on inviting people to be a part of your website. It can be through sending an email to invite outsiders or just by default setting wherein the admins are the only ones to invite friends. You are to choose which options you like and would suit the type of inviting option you think is convenient for you and for all the users.

5. Groups
If you want your site to focus on groups, then this plugin is the powerful, flexible and efficient option that you have. Group-based users are able to manage their actions within the website. They have their own access for controlling contents and are sure to make the functionaility of the website enhanced.

These best free WordPress members plugins are just some of plugins that you can try and are sure to make your website convenient and functional to all. Being able to get members plugins will make your website user-friendly and will give you the number of subscribers following your newsletters and every post you make in your site.