The 5 Best Free WordPress Paid Membership Plugins

If your blog is using a wordpress and is incredibly creating a wide range of traffic to your blog, then you might think of monetizing it, right? Through monetizing it you will not just be having fun while you do blogging but also earning money out of it by offering the most in- demand services there is in the market or through online.

If this is the case, you should be using a WordPress Paid Membership Plugins. This will be helping you to increase the number of subscribers to your mailing list thus making it more profitable. There are a lot of different membership plugins available. But then you should choose the one who has an amazing strength, reliable and dependable that should be providing you with acceptable results.

So, if you are looking for membership plugins, here are the best free WordPress paid membership plugins you can choose from.


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The 5 Best Free WordPress Paid Membership Plugins

S2 Member Framework- it is regarded as one of the powerful WordPress paid membership plugins there is and it is for free. It is equipped with amazing abilities when it comes to member management. It automatically adds columns which include the number of the plugins and registration date. Each member is also allowed of customizing the plugin. This is supporting Google checkout, Click Bank, PayPal, CC bill and a lot more.

Restrict Content- another paid member plugin wherein it is only allowing registered users. This will be allowing the users in restricting complete posts or pages that will only log users. It is equipped with features including unlimited subscription, discount codes, PayPal integration, Payment tracking and a lot more.

WooCommerce – it is a type of plugin wherein it has the capabilities of granting memberships which are based from the products and has an excellent of managing memberships.

Members- this is a plugin allowing the users to extend their control over their specific blogs. It also allows the users to make customization such as editing, creating as well as deleting some roles which are not necessary in the blog. You are provided with the chance of controlling other users who have an access of posting content. You have shortcodes to be able to control whoever is accessing the content and it has widgets allowing you to see the sidebar’s themes. Good thing about this plugin, it has a private site wherein you are the only who will be accessing it and nobody else.

Paid Memberships Pro- one of the best ways of getting paid once you are hosting your blog with wordpress. It has a manageable customized registration wherein it is providing the members of components which are value- added online. It has drip feed, webcast, discussions and a lot more. Most especially this plugin is very user- friendly making as one of the downloadable membership plugin online.

The above mentioned wordpress paid membership plugin will absolutely help you when it comes to monetizing your site or your blog. This is also a great way of increasing the number of the subscribers in your specific mailing list.