The 5 Best Free WordPress Quote Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Quote Plugins

1. Testimonials Showcase – WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin

2.Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials WordPress Plugin
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Having a website alone is never enough if you want to bring your business the success you have always wanted for it. If you have a WordPress blog and wish to take full advantage of it, you should be aware that proper presentation of content on your site is very important. In this case, adding the best free WordPress quote plugins should be a great idea.

If you are looking for the best free WordPress quote plugins, looking at the following choices will give you some idea on what to choose from:

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1. Perfect Quotes
One of the best free WordPress quote plugins is called Perfect Quotes. This is a plugin that offers you the freedom of adding testimonials or quotes into your website without the need of connecting to the external quotes source. This only means that whenever you wish to complement some new quotes, you may do just that. You may simply add the new quotes you want. With its use, you will no longer need to depend on others for saying the quotes for you. Do you want to offer your clients with some testimonials? Then, this excellent plugin should be your best option to accomplish what you need.

2. Quotes Collections
Along with the Ajax-powered Random Quote sidebar widget, Quotes collections will help you in collecting and displaying your preferred quotes within your WordPress pages or blogs. This plugin will simply help you in collecting, managing and displaying your preferred quotations. It comes included with an admin interface, which is used for adding, editing and managing your quotes. Pieces of information like sources of your quote and author and some attributes like visibility and tags may also be specified. The menu for quotes within the WordPress admin navigation directs to the admin interface for quotes.

3. Quotes And Tips
With the use of this WordPress quote plugin, you will be allowed to produce and distribute the quotes created by your customers regarding your work. In addition to this, it also offers your website visitors with some helpful tips.

4. Flexi Quote Rotator
Flexi Quote Rotator plugin permits you from adding testimonials or quotations into your website through the use of a php or shortcode snippet as a widget or in the template. The plugin comes included with the admin settings page, while offering great styling flexibility. You may use the plugin for displaying testimonials, quotes or some other rotating snippets of your website’s content. The quotes will be entered into the admin section and might be displayed through the use of a widget, a php or shortcode snippet. In this plugin, the quotes will be rotated with the fade transition on every changeover.

5. Easy Random Quotes
With Easy Random Quotes, you will get a chance to insert and pull quotes randomly into your posts and pages. This should be done through shortcodes. With its use, you may also do the same with your template through the use of template tags. This allows you to refer to quote identifications to utilize specified quotes. Furthermore, it is also widget-enabled.

Choose from these best free WordPress quote plugins and see what they can do to your website.