The 5 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

Security has been the biggest concern in the world of technology and innovations. The use of technology has been enjoyed by man but there are few individuals who love to make things worse by hacking accounts and websites for fraud purposes. This issue is something to be worried of, especially if the site was not being secured by plug-ins.

Nowadays, problems regarding the abuse on the use of technology are being resolved by adding security features with the use of word press plug-ins. These are programs which are especially designed to protect the website and the entire business from any unlawful acts of different hackers around the globe. There is a lot of WordPress secure plug-ins which are offered free to the public.

1. WordFence

Provides full security to the website by distributing protection as it acquires information and data’s from other sites. Wordfence has been considered as the best security plug-in in the world of online business. It has been the leading security plug-in for WordPress. A complete antivirus and firewall package primarily intended for WordPress website with an inclusion of firewall incorporating machine learning and tools. Firewall incorporating machine tools are very helpful for a website to recover from being hacked. It is being offered to the public for free to ensure that each individual or business is protected and away from any harm which is due to man’s undesirable and unlawful acts. The application or program can be installed easily.

2. Spam Free WordPress

This plug in is a free plug-in which blocks automated comment spam. This has offered a great protection to small blogs in the internet. It is important to protect blogs and sites from spam for it could have ruined the reputation and credibility of a SEO to its customers and readers. This free plug-in is very beneficial for business that sells products and services to different people. It is not only intended to protect the site from harms brought by spam messages, it prevents automated hack bots. Protecting your blog is very important in doing business with the help of the online community.

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3. Bulletproof Security

This is not just a simple WordPress plug-in for it is very helpful in optimizing the performance of the website and its security from any unwanted hacker. This plug-in has been love by many because of the benefits that it has been offering to them. Bulletproof WordPress security plug-in has is fast and simple without any manual configuration to be required.

4. WP Optimize

WP or WordPress Optimize is considered as a simple one yet a very effective plug-in that allows extensive clean-up of the entire database and optimization of the site without any manual queries. As a database driven plug-in it has been very efficient for allowing quicker access to the pages that makes it very ideal to visitors of the site.

5. WP Database Back-Up

Backing up of data’s is very important not to be problematic of the things which have been lost if in the case that the website is being attacked by hackers.