The 5 Best Free WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social media is considered to be a valuable component in any strategy involved in online marketing. If you are operating a website in the Word Press platform, it is going to be just easy to integrate socially. The social media plugin that is chosen depends on the social platform that is being used actively.

From rich to simple feature, here are some of the best free Word Press social media plugins to choose from:

Digg Digg

This is a versatile plugin because of its integrated and customized options. Apart from it, it is even made easier to create a social media bar along right or left scrolling options. It is also possible to share buttons which automatically populate in the bottom or top of every blog post.

In addition, this can be utilized along Buffer, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Pinterest. As per Facebook options, they may include of Share and Like that help in cutting down the load times from the website.


This plug-in is eye-catching and simple. It also provides for customizable sharing buttons. Apart from it, it also allows for you to display and create a widget that follows you. By a mere click, visitors can follow on the channels from the website.

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One good thing about Flare is that it is well-suited to other platforms of social media. These platforms may include of Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and the like. The buttons and their appearance can be customized while the share bar can be placed on the bottom or topmost part of the posts.

Share This

Share This is a useful plug-in due to its great customization and excellent features. Other than that, it has its one-hundred twenty supported platforms for social media. This is also the reason why it is becoming popular as a plug-in. It can be downloaded for one point five million times. It also provides for social buttons that may come in Hovering Bar. As per the buttons, they may be displayed at the left or right side of the page, with choice and counters of large or small buttons.

Furthermore, this plug-in has its social analytics and CopyNShare widget which helps in tracking shares when the content is pasted and copied, and the like.

Add This Share Buttons

Add This Share Buttons is also one of the most recognizable and most popular plugins for social media. This allows you to integrate on three-hundred thirty bookmarking sites, social platforms and email sharing. Although there is no option such as floating sidebar, this plug-in provides a lot of layout options.

Social Media Feather

This is powerful and lightweight but is known for being a high-performing and simple plugin. The speeds are kept even without using Java Script. Other than that, the buttons have their modern and clean look. The appearance can be customized along with social icons.

In addition, this plugin mainly supports short codes, high-resolution displays and Retina through the use of mobile devices, such as iPad 5.

With multiple and best free Word Press social media plugins, you must have at least one that works well in your website!