The 5 Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers

Nowadays, more and more writers are ditching the traditional pen and paper style of writing and are now entering the online world. But to be able to arrest the interest of a greater population of readers, you must choose the most suitable theme perfect for your online writing page.

The Best Free WordPress For Writers

To help you decide which theme to choose among the sea of themes, here are free WordPress themes designed for writers:

1. Portafolio WordPress Theme
The theme features a slides custom post design wherein you can easily customize your slides presentation by easily changing the images on the slides gallery. You can add captions and even links about your images below the slides. The theme has also good content management system because it enables you to collect and organize your works in portfolios. The theme is also user-friendly since it provides reader a list of the categories included in your portfolio.

2. Serene Blogging
The features of this theme highlight your post entries. If you want to improve your entries by adding videos, links, quotations and the like, then this free theme is the best for you. It caters to all types of media such as links, quotations, videos, audios, picture galleries and articles. The theme provides you unique designs for each medium so that it would be easier for visitors to distinguish the media links.

3. Apollo
The minimalist layout highlights the theme’s design. It provides you a clean environment wherein you can write your articles and posts your ideas without being bothered that your readers might get distracted. The theme provides you two types of navigation menus which are the top and main navigation menus. You can put links and organize your blog categories using those menus.

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4. Lingonberry
Simple is the best description for this theme. If you want a theme that is easy to maintain and customized, Lingonberry suits you. It has a responsive theme design that maintains the design’s integrity regardless of the viewing area. It can also support all types of media that you want to post. It has built-in audio player for your audio posts, media gallery for videos and slides gallery for your pictures.

5. DW Minion
DW Minion is the type of theme that gives the spotlight to your contents. It does not have numerous sidebars, menu navigations, widgets and other features that may compete for your reader’s attention. A key feature of this theme is compatible with all major browsers.

A lot of themes designed for you and your viewer’s satisfaction. In addition to the unique and creative designs and key features, some themes come free! It is a very sweet deal for writing career to be able to get a theme that suits you best and more importantly, you can actually use them all for free. So, if you are a writer and you want to make sure that your website will become even more attractive to the eyes of your readers, make sure that you choose from the wordpress themes specifically made for writers like you.