The 5 Best Free WordPress Vimeo Plugins

When it comes on online video websites, most people consider YouTube as their favorite. On the other hand, Vimeo has many things to offer on many videographers. Vimeo can be used in sharing professional videos, connecting with fans and promoting for the brand.

In adding for Vimeo videos on the website, here are some of the best free word press vimeo plugins:

BePro Listings

Be Pro Listings mainly allows you to conduct searching, filtering and showcasing information in many different ways such as various listing templates and Google maps. Even the results are configured for highlighted media types that include videos, documents, images and audio. The shortcode setup and one page can be chosen by means of distributed architecture and ajax features.

In addition, this is mainly designed as flexible and modular. It can facilitate custom combinations, especially if you have integrated it in the current theme. There are also some configuring options to choose from such as search filter, page details and search distance. With the profile shortcode, the members are allowed to control their very own submissions.

Other people are relying on BePro Listings for their products and services, podcast and music, image website, informational, real estate, Google Maps, document directory, classifieds, affiliate and portfolio.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Video Capture

This is a button for recording videos and is placed anywhere in the website. Although this is a button, this further activates the mobile camera or webcam of visitors. Even the text is customized easily when asking for particular videos.

As for website owners and businesses, they can provide for incentives in order that people can submit and record video on your website. The videos that are captured from the website are stored privately. There is also a good chance of choosing the videos to be downloaded, deleted or shared.

Simple Vimeo Shortcode

This is known to be a simple yet useful shortcode where vimeo videos can be added in the website. In using this plugin, it allows you to use short codes and insert the videos right from Vimeo. It further allows for class attributes, width and height for customization.

Workbox Video from Vimeo & YouTube Plugin

This plugin is useful as it allows in creating a video gallery in any word press-page. The videos can be added from Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube as the URL’s are pasted already. It allows you to control the order of the videos in the gallery page.

As per video galleries, they are called on the page by the use of short codes. Advanced users can benefit more from this plugin, especially when running into problems.

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is mainly known as a social media and lightweight free plugin. This further allows you of painlessly and quickly adding following and social sharing features on various pages, customized post types and posts.

Apart from it, its goal is to provide for lightweight following and social sharing which does not likely add for unnecessary problem to the site and the users. This is a lot better as compared to other plugins because of its focus on performance, unobtrusive impact and simplicity.

In achieving its use, it no longer needs JavaScript that makes it fast. It also provides for its functionality that you will need.