The 6 Best Free HTML5 WordPress Themes

If you are searching for a free and state-of-the-art HTML 5 WordPress theme, make sure it is reliable and suitable to your needs. Below are some of the most excellent HTML5 WordPress themes that are accessible for free. So, you are certain to get a superb framework for your personal HTML5 creations.

Free HTML 5 WordPress Themes

1. Tonic
This allows you to make an exception, fully responsive and lightweight HTML5 theme that is based on boilerplate. Utilize the new options customized to put in your personal header image, page layout, custom background, site width and so much more. Know each post with any of the 8 assisted post formats like Image, Aside, Status, Video, Quote, Gallery and Link. Set up jetback to show each and every gallery with a tiled view. This compatible with buddypress and bbpress, developed utilizing Compass, SASS, as well as Twitter Bootstrap. This utilizes Google Fonts so as to enhanced typeface readability and functions ideally in computer browsers, mobile phones and tablets.

2. Bones
Develop into the new website standards, this free HTML5 free WordPress Theme is a good foundation to build any WP project. Maintain what you want, and erase what you do not. The frameworks are really great; however, they make things harder than they have to be. This is minimalistic and bare as possible. This is intended to be utilized on every project base. With this WordPress this makes it easier for you to make Custom Post Type through offering you a properly documented sample. It comes with features that customize the administration part for your customers.

3. Frizz
This state of the art free HTML5 WordPress is ideal for a corporate and personal blog. It comes with the essential features in order to have a responsive blog.

4. Roots
This is starting HTML5 WordPress theme for free and intended for developers which is based on the boilerplate of HTML5. This remarkable WordPress will help you make blogs, brochure and the site easily. This is fitted with essential features that are not available in other HTML5 plugins. This allows you to develop a website that is faster than before and with simplest and cleanest code.

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5. H5
This state of the art theme for HTML5 aside from free, it comes with essential features which you can utilize for your website right away. It also fitted with all template date needed to personalize you own theme fast and easy. This works and looks great and any state of the art browsers and is comprehensively valid HTML5.

6. Handcrafted
This is made intended for developers who are developing any blogs. This is fitted with awesome features that make stands out from the rest. This is not framework, but virtually a naked starter theme that provides a rock hard starting point making a serious site on the platform of WP.

There are many HTML5 WordPress theme accessible online that can be obtained for free. However, you have to make sure to pay attention to their features and see to it that it suitable to your needs.