The 6 Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

A Minimalist WordPress is a simple WordPress theme that can make your content and images look great and elegant. There are different options that qualify a minimalistic design wherein it emphasizes simplicity with several graphic design elements with focus on content. The minimalist themes transform the blog into a great looking site that attract and keep the users from coming and visiting your site.

If you are a minimalist enthusiast, there are few of the best free minimalist WordPress themes where you can find what you want.

1. The Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine style
Auto generated thumbnail
With WordPress 2.7 feature
With photo section
With theme options

2. The Satoshi WordPress Theme

This is a kind of minimal portfolio that is ideal for showcasing project work. It includes custom front page, blog design, portfolio page and functional contact form.
Drop-down menus
Google analytics integration
Upload own logo

3. The Hybrid WordPress Theme

This minimalistic theme is a free and open source. It is still being developed with continuously growing.
Search engine optimized theme
With 15 custom page
8 widget-ready areas

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4. The Satorii WordPress Theme

This is a minimalistic theme for 2.7 or higher WordPress with simple, clean and elegant style, with focus on contents, readability and with one centred column. It also contains 3-widgetized columns in the footer.

5. The Textback WordPress theme

This is a simple yet beautiful theme for WordPress. The style of the textback theme correlates on cold season. This is the theme for those who loved to be restart and are against of crowded and uncreative designs.

6. The Clean Home WordPress Theme

It is a theme of minimalistic and attention grabbing with its news and different features that attract the eyes of your visitors on your blog or site.
A total of two images for both 2×6
Full widget
Valid XHTML and CSS
GPL License
With three sidebars (top navigation, blurb and sidebar)

Free minimal WordPress themes can be used for free, are responsive and can work perfectly. By choosing the right theme that reacts on your own taste of style, the minimalist WordPress themes can help you create a simple yet elegant view of your own site. With the used of the minimal styling, the forefront of your sites boots in the real beauty of these fantastic themes. It can also give you the chance to learn how to organize coding practices.

The minimal themes is great especially for those who want their site to become clean, simple, and elegant without being expert on the new and advanced features on different elegant themes. Thus, the appearance and the overall minimalistic approach of the designs make it user-friendly and relaxing to the eyes of the users and visitors.