The 6 Best Free WordPress Amazon Plugins

The best free WordPress Amazon plugins allow you to put Amazon products bespoke templates, images, and links in your website’s widgets, templates, posts, and pages. Below are the best free WordPress Amazon plugins that you can add to your website to easily embed Amazon products on your site.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Amazon Plugins

1. WpZon Settings
This plug in can be used to easily add listings of keyword targeted products from Amazon in your pages or posts. With this plug in, you can easily display product images, availability, and sale and list price on any of your posts. You can also use this to sort products by review and lots more.

2. Amazon Link
This plug in can be used to easily and quickly add products links from Amazon to your WordPress pages and posts. The products links can be images, text links, complex template, full sized images, and Amazon flash widgets. Also, the products kinks you can add to your website support any Amazon domains including the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, China, Canada, Italy, France, India, Japan, and Spain. The product links content can be statically entered or can be dynamically refreshed by the author using the data from the Amazon site, which is appropriate to the nationality of the reader.

3. Amazon Simple Admin
This plug in allows user to easily link Amazon products into their WordPress pages. Users can use the template feature of the plug in to present the Amazon products in different styles in different specific pages by simply typing BBCode tags. This plug allows you to design your own product templates.

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4. Amazon Reloaded for WordPress
This plug in features an edit line that allows you to fix credential errors easily. This can provides you with an easy to use interface. Use this plug in to search for any Amazon product and then easily send the image or name of the product to the post editor as link for your website pages and posts. Amazon Reloaded does not require formatting for the images or links, allowing you to easily integrate them into you posts or pages. The links created are not based on shortcode, and they will continue to work even if the plug in has been deactivated.

5. MyBook Table
This is a plug in designed to display books from Amazon by genre, author, series, etc. Also, this plug in creates WordPress pages with optimized SEO settings for each book. Additionally, MyBook Table integrates with Goodreads, so it can display reviews right at the book pages. This plug in is extremely beneficial for individuals and organizations who want to showcase a selection of books.

6. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
This plug in allows you to easily insert product links on your posts using the ASIN of the Amazon products. The visual post editor will help you to easily spot the Amazon button on your WordPress website. The “add the ASIN” button allows you to generate shortcode that shows the product name, product image, and price options.

With the help of these plugins, it can be easy to manage your Amazon affiliate WordPress website.